Monday, August 8, 2011

Tough Love or Fat Hatred? Calories Per Hour Launch "TOUGH LOVE" Forum

British Diet Forum Offering "Tough Love"
Brits hate fat!

Leave it to those big eared bad toothed Brits to come up with a way to get us fatlings to lose weight. Famous for their stiff upper lips and love caning plump bottoms of sexy women they are using their famous English fortitude on the obesity epidemic. Don't they know that Winston Churchill was a fat boy and that hot little piece of ass Princess Diana could have also been called the Princess of "York" because she was a bulimic. Even though she was a puker I still would have boned her.
Thankfully most weight loss internet forums have little or no effect on obesity but tragically the TOUGH LOVE FORUM on Calories Per Hour is having a devastating effect on the dieter who go there. These people are losing fat and fattitude faster than Belly Boy can eat a pepperoni pizza.

AVOID THE TOUGH LOVE FORUM unless you want to get skinny never to be fat again! BUT... for those fatlings who for medical reasons need to lose weight the fat unfriendly  TOUGH LOVE FORUM will devastate your fat and fattitude
Click HERE if you need some tough love fat hatred.


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