Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Carnie Wilson Has Weight Loss Surgery Again: Singer Undergoes Lap Band Surgery
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Carnie Wilson weighed more than 300 pounds before undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 1999, and 12 years later she's turned to surgery again in her battle against weight gain.
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On January 18, Wilson underwent lap-band surgery -- a procedure in which a silicone band is placed around the stomach, effectively shrinking it to the size of a golf ball, reports People magazine.
"It was the right decision for me and I'm doing really well so far," says Wilson, who has already lost 30 pounds since the surgery. "It's all about taking good care of myself."
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It's the same sentiment the singer had after she lost more than 150 pounds through gastric bypass surgery in 2000. "The surgery is a tool to assist in helping you get back your health, but you have to participate in your wellness by really being aware of what you eat," she told USA Today.
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Much has changed in the past 12 years for the singer, who is reuniting with Wilson Phillips to promote their new album and reality show "Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On." She's also now the mother of two girls aged 6 and 2, whom she had with husband Rob Bonfiglio. Though she lost nearly half her body weight with the first surgery, pregnancy and motherhood have thrown her off track.
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"Having children derailed me a bit," she told People in February 2010 after she failed to lose the 61
pounds she gained while pregnant with her younger daughter, Luciana.
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Just weeks before she underwent her second surgery, Wilson told Fox News she had gained weight but was looking forward to getting into an exercise routine agan. "It's like a daily decision. Am I going to eat healthy today or am I going to make some shitty decisions?"
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The 43-year-old explained, "I've really struggled since I've become sober. How do I balance that? How can I relax and not overeat? Because I have a lot of pressure in my life. I'm a working mother ... You try to pay the bills, you try to keep your life going and there's pressure."
What is the moral of this sad tale about fat hating Carnie Wilson? For all you gorgeous girl gluttons the moral is simple. EAT!

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Sources from the Carnie Wilson camp are now saying that the surf music band Voodoo Court  Voodoo Court are responsible for Carnie going under the knife. They are hinting that it was a combination of Voodoo Court's super skinny hot go go girls and the unbridled food lust induced by their songs Heavy on the Cream, Cheese Whiz and Fish Taco that persuaded sexy sow Carnie to have the lap band surgery. Other sources are claiming that Voodoo Court's music is laced with sounds and messages that induce rapid weight loss while others say those messages can induce a feeding frenzy.

After seeing those impressive sultans of surf, Voodoo Court, as the opening act for the her famous Father's band the Beach Boys, Carnie had a fat girl groupie lust attack for the band and hatred for the uber hot go go dancers that prompted her to get the lap band surgery an unnamed source revealed. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Surf Band Voodoo Court Refuses To Hire Fat Go Go Dancers

The following article is a reprint of a report by Bigger Fatter Politics internet reporter our own Rothnda Hindenberg.

Fat Phobic Surf Band Refuses to Hire Fat Go Go Dancers 
 By Rotunda Hindenberg
Rotunda Hindenberg Fatbody award winning reporter
Gunslinger guitarist Mark Kuhn on right with his band mates.

I don't give a shit how good and how cute these guys are and how cutting edge their music may be the mere fact that they see fit to not have fat girls as go go dancers shows just how fat phobic surf bands are. Voodoo Court it no exception. Surfers in general are fat phobic. Seriously, when is the last time you saw a fat surfer? They are all lean guys the kind us fat girls swoon over. They don't make surf boards to fat people and that just as well as most of us with rather hang out on a party barge with plenty of good food, some BC hydro and some booze.

I was first attracted to Voodoo Court after hearing their food friendly songs like, Kibbles and Bits, Fish Taco, Swallow the Clam, (Us fat girls have big chowder clams) Salmon Creek, Eat Me Coffee Stained Shirt Heavy on the Cream and Cheese Whiz yum. One cannot deny the great talent, intriguing guitar styling and compositional skill of Voodoo Court but one must wonder why they don't have fat go go dancers. Sure these leanlings they have now are smoking hot and I, Rotunda Hindenberg, a super sized bi sexual womyn  of size would be Heavy on the Cream after tasting their Fish Tacos with a little Cheese Whiz for extra flavor since skinny girls rarely come with cheese one must ask Voodoo Court, what do you have against fat girls?

Here is Voodoo Court performing Kibbles and Bits and other surf tunes. Sure it is a stellar performance but once again the go go dancers are not fat!
Critically acclaimed album by Voodoo Court.

The surf may not be for pussies but neither are fat girls. So Voodoo Court, if you guys can't man up because this fat girl's muff is too tough, you'd  better stick with a stick.