Monday, April 9, 2012

Obese Mothers 67% More Likely To Have Autistic Kids

Autism Linked to Maternal Obesity

Don't get all pissed off fat girls and say that the scientists are fat haters. Try to look on the bright side you sexy and slovenly sows.

In this video a normaling is attacked by an angry jealous fat girl. The normaling had 2 autistic boys and they had a free service dog. She's just jealous that she never squirted out any autistic kids. Normal mothers also have autistic kids too. If you fat girls want your kids to become autistic get them vaccinated a lot.

Doctors love to give out vaccines because vaccines cause autism at an even greater rate than obesity.

You fat girls give birth to defective kids all the time. This is a good thing for you. You won't have to work. You can get SSI for your kids. Autistic kids don't talk much so you don't have to interact with them. You can put them on the short bus and ship them off to some retard program which will give you more time to eat and talk on the phone and get porked by skinny guys.

This is a blessing in disguise. Just drug the little tikes out and enjoy food -- Glorious food!

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