Friday, July 27, 2012

Boycott Chick fil A

Boycott Chick fil A

Not only is Chick fil A a Christian Fascist Gay Hating Corporation, Their Restaurants are Filthy Dirty!
Here is a health inspection of a typical Chick fil A.


Employee rinsing scoop & returning to drawer. Clean utensils in order of wash, rinse & sanitize. Food residue on tomato slicer. COS - Manager retrained employee & utensils rewashed.

Debris in interior of ice machine. COS-cleaned by employee. Utensil not cleaned in order of wash, rinse, sanitize at 3 compartment sink. COS - Manager re-trained employee & sinks properly set up. Lettuce washed & prepped in 3 compartment sink. COS - Manager re-trained employee to use sink dedicated to washing fruits & vegetables.

Food debris on chicken chopper, lemon wedges, slicer blade & pans. Check utensils for cleanliness to sight & touch before storage. Dumpster needs drain plug. Clean spilled grease on grease container & behind in drain curb.

Slime mold in interior of ice machine. Food debris on tomato slicer, lemon juicer, chicken chopper, carrot shredder, sugar scoop & label. Clean under ice machine & beverage station at drive thru. Keep areas free of accumulated debris.

Mixer frame dirty. Mildew in ice machine. Fly strips over prepared food. Fly fan turned off.

Chick-Fil-A #873

Failed inspection: March 23, 2011 Score: 63, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

Posted Image

Full Report on how filthy Chik Fil A is. http://ga.state.gego...D=87&rtype=food

Chick-fil-A, 1560 W. Boynton Beach Blvd., Boynton Beach was cited Dec. 5 for 12 critical violations. According to state documents, infractions included: 44 live roaches and 20 dead roaches observed, a cooler interior was soiled with food residue; a bag of carrots was on the floor of a cooler; an employee was observed engaging in food preparation, handling clean equipment or utensils or touching unwrapped items without washing hands; garbage was on the ground and/or the pad around the dumpster; an employee was cutting cabbage with bare hands and the establishment had no approved alternative operating procedure in effect; there was soil buildup inside an ice bin and a lettuce cutter was on the floor.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dr Phil Beats Up On Fat Boy Get Down For Having Fattitude

I, Fat Bastard cannot comment so just watch the videos. This is too upsetting seeing this rat Bastard Doctor Phil try to humiliate this fat guy.

Fat Boy Get Down - The Interview With Dr. Phil 



Fat Boy Get Down - The Interview With A Decent Man


Look what Dr Phil's Abuse Did to This Fatling 


Friday, July 20, 2012

Robert Earl Hughes: Proof The Fatter You are The Happier You Are

It's true! It's true!! Fat men really are jolly. The fattest man was the happiest man. When I hear the angry fat acceptance girls pissing and moaning I think of Robert Earl Hughes, Teddy Bear and our own Belly Boy. They are even more proof that fat people are the happiest people.

The fatter you get the happier you will be. It's true. It's true. It's damn true!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Skeletons In Romney's Closet And The White Horse Prophecy

Skelatons In Romney's Closet

He has a lot of them.

Mitt Romney's Skeleton Closet: Scandals, Quotes, and Character

Other politicians look at this guy and say, "Wow, that dude is a phony, two-faced, flip-flopping weasel." And that's really saying something.
But there was a prophecy, the White Horse Prophecy spoken by Joseph Smith himself on May 6,1843 in the presence of Edwin Rushton and Theodore Turley. It holds: "A terrible revolution will take place in the land of America, such as has never been seen before; for the land will be literally left without a supreme government. And every species of wickedness will run rampant."

Anyway, Mormons (the White Horse) will get rich with gold and minerals, the heathen Chinese will invade a land beyond the Rockies, banks in every nation except England and Utah will fail, and only the White Horse will remain to save the day. (We'll let you guess who the "Red Horse" and "Black Horse" represent.)

This prophecy was discussed when Mitt's dad, George, ran for president, and again when Orrin Hatch ran, and Glenn Beck dogwhistled it after Obama was elected. (No one brought it up with with John Huntsman, though.) The Mormon Church does not endorse it formally, perhaps because of the part about how "the doings of the "Black" Horse will he terrible" because "they will have fear of becoming slaves again." But Mitt Romney and his father admit discussing it during George's presidential run.

Is now the time for Mitt Romney to ride to America's rescue? For "when the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were, upon a thread as fine as a single silk fiber, they will have to call for the 'Mormon' Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it."

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Romney Is A Lying Sack Of Shit

Romney is a symbol of what is wrong with America. He had his corporate slime handlers are filling his election coffers with millions. He needs to be stopped.  Contribute to Obama Biden HERE

For the growing list of Romney's  lies go to Romney the Lair

Stop Mitt Romney the Vulture Capitalist. Don't let flip flopper Willard Romney get to the Whitehouse! He's vulgar.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

BBW Defined
Some people have a strange idea what a BBW is. What a BBW was 30 years ago and what one is now has changed dramatically. If a fat guy is able to pork a woman then she is NOT I repeat NOT a BBW.
Crocodile Dundee explaining to his squeeze and a thug what a knife is. 
Mick he has a knife! That's not a knife, this is a knife. Let's turn this into a teaching moment. I, Fat Bastard will be presenting some BBW, Plumpers, Chubs, SSBBW's Pork Beast and Land Whales as a way to clear up the misconception as to what a BBW really is.
This is a Chub. If a fat guy can pork it it's a Chub. If its tits stick out as far as its gut it's a Chub.
This is a plumper. If she is still porkable by most fat guys and has a waist and minimal ham arms it's a plumper
This is a BBW. Most fat guys would have a tough time porking her. There are probably chronic yeast infections and yeasty fat folds
This is a pork beast. Only the most dedicated fat admirer could get with this. Pork beasts become gender ambiguous. Their tits often resemble man boobs and many of the are diesel and bull dykes. Be afraid! Be very afraid! These pork beasts cause more buried penis syndrome than a grade 5 panniculus  aka meat skirt.
This is a atypical pork beast or a fat drag queen. Notice the beginning of a split pannus aka meat skirt.
This is an SSBBW. The distinction between SSBBW and landwhale has always been a subject for heated debate. Landwhale often travel in pods and see skinny guys and buffets as their krill.

This one could go either way. Some experts may describe this as a landwhale pup
These are landwhales. The are in a pod and they are either saying "We're number one" Landwhales can be very confident or they are saying their combined weigh is 1 ton or they want one more box of Twinkies.
I hope this clear things up.

Now for some more images.
Landwhales foraging.
SSBBW getting liquored up and ready for her fat admirer
Landwhale? BBW? SSBBW? Or in transition?