Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aretha Franklin Weight Loss Sellout?

Fat and fabulous Aretha Franklin! Chain Chain Chain of fools? Are fat female singers selling out?

From Fat and Flabulous to Anorexic and Awful

The the queen of soul has lost over 100 pounds. Without her tonal throat blubber does the queen of soul still have the pipes to wail out her soulful tones since she whaled out of her roll full tons.

Aretha is one of many stout singers who has slimmed down. Carney Wilson and Kelly Osbourne have also lost weight.


Plump and pretty Ugly and emaciated

Luckily Carnie the carnivore Wilson's fattitude will overcome any form of weight loss surgery. They could remove her entire digestive system and she's still figure out a way to be fat and gluttonous.

Thank the Belly Gods for plumpers like Ann Wilson, KD Lang, Wynona Judd, Beth Ditto who greedily pack on the pounds in a symphony of fabulous food lust.

Rotund Rug Muncher KD Lang

Fat Ann and Anorexic Nancy Wilson

Another weight loss sellout is Jann Arden. Jan was once skinny and then she decided to blimp out and her fans mostly jealous man hating fat girls and manly rug munching lesbos loved it but after talking to Marie Osmond who is so fucking hot and rational has been duped by the weight loss industry; Marie put some Mormon voodoo on Jan and even deprogramming by big fat NAAFA lesbians and force feedings could not stop her from losing weight.

Jann now terrified by real food; will now only eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish and lean dairy. 

Arden now, an emaciated bag of bones!

Click here to see the world's biggest sellout

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