Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fat Girl Problems

One reason for why I, Fat Bastard started the New American Fat Acceptance Movement aka NAFAM is because fat girls have problems.... big problems. The following article was written by the Chef but first a little bit about the Chef at my request.
The Chef

The Chef loves the ladies and the ladies love the Chef.

The Chef is a big man with a big appetite and he ain't makin no apologies for it.

The Chef likes his ladies like he likes his steaks; hot thick and pink in the middle but the Chef ain't got no wood for them SSBBW's God bless em.

The Chef has been know to partake of fine wine and a little bit of the sticky green for medicinal purposes only. The Chef's a bit gouty in the leg.

Fat Girl Problems by the Chef

Fat girls are always fussin and fightin about something and oft times it's their weight. When they ain't beatin up on some skinny girl they be beatin up on themselves or each other. They be fighin over food, men and who's the least fat.

Lot's of times they got them yeast infections and that makes bitchy. They get rejected and they is forever tryin to steal each others man.
My good friend Fat Bastard asked me The Chef to look into and pontificate on fat girl problems. The Chef is one fat man who has made sweet love or otherwise porked many fat girls. Like Fat Bastard, the Chef was a bit confused by the fat female and after great study the Chef, while not understandin the the reason for all the fussin and fightin of the BBW has found a simple solution to the fat girl problems and here it is. KEEP FUCKED AND KEEP EM FED. But it ain't that simple. Most fat girls today are unacceptin of their blubber so they be goin on diets so keepin them fed ain't all that easy and when they's hungry they be bitchy and who wants to fuck an onery fat girl?
Fat Bastard directed the Chef to the internet's greatest resource for dealin with FAT GIRL PROBLEMS
Here are some examples of fat girl problems and how these trouble fat girls can identify solve these problems.

The Chef don't know who created this but The Chef and Fat Bastard want to nominate this person for a Pulitzer prize.

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