Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mayra Rosales cleared of murder charge because her arm was too fat!

Obese woman cleared of murder charge because her arm was too fat!

Sometimes carrying a few extra pounds can actually work in your favor. In the case of Mayra Rosales, her excessive weight spared her a possible murder conviction after she was accused of killing her nephew. Rosales' defense team argued that the Texas woman, who weighed a whopping 1,100 pounds at the time of the boy's death, couldn't have killed him by a blow to the head because her arm was too fat. As more details emerged about her story, which is featured on an upcoming TLC special called "Half-Ton Killer?," Rosales finally admitted she'd lied to protect her sister. [Source]

I, Fat Bastard am at a loss for words and frankly more than a bit confused about this situation. I am still left with questions upon questions. 

First off, I question the assertion that that she was too fat too kill a child. With her tremendous girth she could merely flop onto a kid or an adult and crush them and not even know she did it. She weighs 1100 pounds for Pete sakes! Is this an example of fat hatred?

This also calls into question HAES (Health At Every Size)  HAES philosophy asserts that one cannot be too fat and by eating the HAES way regardless of your weight you will still be in tip top physical condition. Did anyone find out if  Mayra Rosales was a HAES  devotee and practitioner? Most feedees are! Was Linda Bacon the inventor of HAES even consulted?

Assuming that she was too fat to kill that poor little tike is an insult to super morbidly obese people everywhere!

Now it has come out that she lied to authorities to protect her sister who really did the dirty deed. The story goes that she was despondent because she was so fat. I think that is bullshit too. Food makes us fat people happy. We love food and when we eat eat eat we are happy and satisfied. I think that there is a more likely scenario. Perhaps it was an accident. Maybe the little tike was taking a nap along side Ms Rosales and one of her ham arms flopped on him? Maybe she was in a feeding frenzy and she mistook him for a food? Were any of these scenarios looked into?

Her arms are too fat? Her arms look like twigs! Here are some big arms!

Biggest Ass In America is from Texas! Click HERE  to see it.
This woman's arms really are are too fat to kill a tike. Mayra Rosales arms are not!

Since her ordeal Mayra has been off her feed and today she is gaunt and ghastly. She has been starving herself.  Look at her now after starvation and being carved on by fat hating surgeons.
Myra Rosales: No longer fat and no longer fit! 
 Mayra Rosales being carved on like she was a fine ham!

Biggest Ass In America is from Texas! Click HERE  to see it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The World's Biggest Ass
Big Ben Rothlisberger Regularly Eats This SSBBW's Pussy

Here's the deal. I had you look at this incremental series of asses going from big to va va va VOOM so that you could fully appreciate the biggest ass in the world. This blog page is too small for you to fully appreciate this super giant ass. This ass is the ass of asses the donk of donks they butt of butts. This is the mother of all asses -- the Cadillac of asses -- the industry standard for asses past present and future. This puts every other BBW ass to shame in pure assness. This is a bigger ass than Sir Mix A Lot could ever imagine!
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BONUS! World's Biggest Ass With Second Biggest Ass!

Officially The World's Biggest Ass

Monday, September 3, 2012

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand and the Church of Satan

Watch both of these videos.  The first one is with Conservative Christian Charles Colson and the second on is progressive journalist Cenk Uygur from Young Turks. They both agree about what a nut Ayn Rand was and that her devotees and followers are crazy loons.

Paul Ryan is a hard core Ayn Rand disciple and a Satanist.

Obesity Increases STDs

 I, Fat Bastard ran across the following article and I would like to make some corrections and comments. They will be in red.

Obesity Increases STDs

iVillage recently reported a study published in the British Medical Journal showing that obese people, both men and women, are more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy than people with average body weight. (

Being obese can really get in the way of your sex life—and not necessarily in the ways you might think. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, people who are obese are less likely to have been sexually active in the past year, but surprisingly, they're more likely than people with an average body weight to have sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. I'm no rocket scientist, but something tells me those are the results of not practicing safe sex.

Let's cut through the BS here. First off fat girls want to get knocked up and they are also sluts who will screw anyone. We fat boys do not want to waste our money on condoms nor to we want to sacrifice sensation. We are also hedonistic and we want what we want when we want it.

Researchers in France surveyed 12,364 men and women between the ages of 18 and 69. Half of the participants were in the normal weight range, while the rest were overweight or obese. The survey showed that obese women were 30 percent less likely to have had sex at all in the past year, while obese men were 70 percent less likely to have had more than one sexual partner.

This is true! We fat boys have a really tough time getting laid. Let's be honest, we gross a lot of woman out big time pig time. Fat girls have sex more frequently than skinny girls but when they get obese they get rejected more and add to that they are too fat for a fat guy to fuck. The Chef has said many times, "I like my ladies like by steaks, thick and pink in the middle but I ain't got no wood for them SSBBW's God bless em."

Despite spending less time frolicking between the sheets, single obese women reported unplanned pregnancies four times more often than thinner, unmarried women. That's because obese women are less inclined to seek birth control advice or use oral contraceptives, say the study’s authors. Research presented at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 58th Annual Clinical Meeting last month backs up these findings. Data from the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows that obese and overweight adolescent girls are less likely to use condoms or other birth control methods.
There is another reason for why there is less condom use. First off they want to get knocked up and secondly most guys porking a fat girl need all the sensation they can get. Between the less attractive physical appearance and that fat girl musk guys are more likely to lose an erection. That is why Proud FA, the Dean of Feederism advises new fat admirers to go for the blow job.

Chalk it up to low self-esteem. Past research has shown that obesity is related to poor body image, which is associated with high-risk sexual behavior, like unsafe sex. And it's not just women. The French survey also showed that obese men were much more apt to have had an STD, despite fewer sexual partners.

This is total psycho babble bullshit! Fat girls have really high self esteem. If that were not the case they would be like those self deprecating pro ana chicks who really are hot looking. They are the ones with the body image disorders. Most fat girls think that they are all that and a bag of chips and gallon of ice cream!

Though weight did not appear to affect women's ability to climax, erectile dysfunction was two and a half times as common in obese men as in men with healthy BMIs. Because the penis requires healthy blood flow to become erect, ED can often be a sign of undiagnosed heart disease or circulation issues—all the more reason why someone with ED symptoms should put their embarrassment aside and talk to their doctor.

This is 100% true.  Many fat boys can't get it up even if they had  a crane. Blood flow is part of it but so is decreased testosterone caused by fat along with increased estrogen.

No matter how much you weigh, or how you feel about your body, these studies underscore how important it is to always put your health first. We all hate exposing our flabby imperfections to strangers—whether it's the gynecologist or our latest crush. Still, regular doctor's visits, and a satisfying sex life, can help keep us healthy and happy. If losing weight helps get you there, even better. But even if you can't get the scale to budge, never let those extra pounds diminish your value. That’s not the way to hotter sex. Loving yourself is.

This is total bullshit. Fat girls love flaunting their flab if you do an image search on google with they safe search off and you input fat girl or skinny girl you will get 20 times more fat girl images and most of them are slutty and naked. Fat girls are unabashed sluts.

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Fat girls lack impulse control and they don't consider the consequences of their behavior. That is why they are far more likely to get VD and get knocked up. Fat guys are more desperate.