Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Unclog a Toilet

As the many millions of readers of Bigger Fatter Blog and NAAFA know we don't shy a way from unpopular issues which is why in less than two years Bigger Fatter Blog and NAAFA have become the leading fat acceptance blog on the entire world wide web.

In the past Fat Bastard answered the tough question of how fat folks "reach back there". In that article Fat Bastard discussed the problems and solutions or and for proper toileting hygiene for fatlings. While is may be true that no job is finished until the paper work is done, in the case of a bigger fatter bowel movement the job is not finished until the super sized stools of a fatling are in the sewer line and moving happily along to the sewage treatment plant with all the other turds. While double triple and even quadruple flushers are common quite often fatlings are faced with a toilet that is simply incapable of handling the much larger fecal volumes produced by fatlings. When that happens a clog will is inevitable. It can be a minor clog to a severe to something in between but either way some sort of action will be required to resolve the problem and send the super sized Mr Hankies down the pipe and shouting a grateful HOWDY HO as they get swept along in the flow to join all their turd buddies in turd heaven.

The tools and techniques of the trade.

Let's start with the humble bucket and when and how to use it. Let's say you drop a couple of big bowl fillers, you've wiped and you pressed the flush handle but nothing has happened except of an anemic swirl and a rise in the water in the bowl. If you attempt to flush again nine times out of ten there will be a messy overflow.
Wear rubber gloves! Feces can be nasty!
The warm water and bucket method.

If the bowl is not filled to the brim pour a bucket of warm not hot water into the bowl this may break up, dissolve and dislodge the clog and it will move harmlessly down the pipe. Sadly this is not always the case and another turd busting method needs to be employed.
The Plumber's Helper

You will need the right tool for the job. As you escalate the war on the fecal clogs the next weapon of choice is the humble but venerable plunger. The red plunger is a drain plunger that is used for unclogging the kitchen of bathroom sinks. The black plunger is a more serious plunger. Think of it as the 44. caliber Smith and Wesson of plungers. A few strokes with this bad boy and that stubborn brown trout will soon be swimming down stream post haste to the place where all the turds go.
The Turdinator!

Sometimes even the best plunger won't budge a SSBBW BM bent on staying put. Sometimes these turds have a mind of their own and then you may have to call the Turdinator! Armed with a toilet auger aka a closet auger aka a toilet snake the Turdinator will make short work of that pipe plugging punk bastard.

When to call the plumber?

Sometimes a clog can be so stubborn or so deep that even a Turdinator armed with a toilet snake can't get the job done and the toilet needs to be removed by a professional in case the pipe has to be snaked.*k2hzghdwmMpXKKxomQH1O3zi8Up50ewu6yhKet5PRHOgTO*6rhpOHOxUs-ZiPmnDnRnZGqLOuQWHqkMa3355t1/BIGBUTT.jpg

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gobble Gobble Gobble Glutton Glutton Glutton


Thanksgiving is the pinnacle of glutton season. It starts in summer with picnics and barbecues, picks up steam with Halloween and shifts into overdrive at Thanksgiving until New Years when all the thin wannabes join a gym or Jenny Craig and quit after a month . This is truly the season of the glutton. OINK OINK OINK OINK

Our Thanksgiving started out with a lot of  drinking and finger food. We had cheese, cheese and more cheese, chocolate cheese fondue, shrimp, oysters, clams, chips and dip as the preliminary gluttony. Then came the dinner which consisted of 3 turkeys  and  3 different kinds of stuffing. We had corn bread and sausage stuffing, oyster stuffing and traditional giblet stuffing. Then came the sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows and pecans along with cranberry sauce and jelly, olives, celery, jello, potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, three types of rolls but before all that we had a toast with the bubbly... Martini and Rossi Asti Spumanti and then on to the glorious eat fest.  By the time we were done those three 20 lb turkeys were a pile of bones.

Then it came time for desert. Here's the line up:

Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin  chiffon pie
Pumpkin Cheese cake
Pumpkin Cake
Pumpkin brownies
Regular brownies with M&Ms
Apple brown Betty
Pecan pie
Boston Creme Pie
Hair Pie
Irish Coffee
A desert wine
Bailey's Irish Creme
Cuban cigars
Honey blunts

We were fortunate to have the Chef as a special guest. For those of you unfamiliar with the Chef; the Chef is a man of color and a colorful man. The Chef is a big man with a big appetite who in the chef's own words, "ain't makin no apologies for it." The Chef loves the ladies and the ladies love the Chef but he ain't got no wood for them SBBW's god bless em.
The Chef arrived with some very special treats which included some fine ladies of color, an ample amount of sticky green (BC Hydro for medicinal purposes only) some Puruvian flake for the skinny hos and the piece de resistance and coup de gras all in one was some was some real absinthe. The Chef was able score some opiated absinthe and ouzo which the Chef uses for medicinal purposes only as the Chef is a bit gouty in the leg.
I, Fat Bastard,  am writing this while still semi coherent but there may be some updates as the evening is still young.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Comfort Wipe Butt Wands

It's no longer a dirty little secret; toileting for fatlings can be a challenge but today thanks to an increasingly fat freindly society and creative inventors there are more and more options to aid those of us who are deficationally challenged.

Let's be honest fat boys, some of us can't see our penises let alone reach them. Many of us have to sit when we pee and not only is that unmanly but that also means we have to waste all that energy standing up. PP Perfect is a fat man friendly device that allows fat guys to grip that their weenie so that they can take proper aim and hit the bowl.

The Ample Stuff butt wand sponge was a giant leap forward but it has been replaced by the  Comfort Wipe Butt Wand.

The Comfort Wipe Butt Wand is more hygienic and a better value because it works with your favorite TP for your bung hole.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fat Acceptance Pioneers Hall of Fame

Fat Acceptance Pioneers  Hall of Fame - Recent Inductees (suicide by
gluttony ? )

Gluttony is not only a good way to live it's also a good way to die. Here is a partial list of heroes and heroines who went for the gusto. Gone but not forgotten.

c (1914 - 1960) of Reseda, CA; 6 ft 1 in, 900 lbs. (COD
-Organ Failure -gained 300 lbs in six months)

BARB COLGIN VANCE "morbidly obese". (COD -Morbid Obesity)

CAROL HAFFNER (1936 - 1995) of Hollywood, FL; 1023 lbs. (COD -Heart
CAROL YAGER (1960 - 1994) of Flint, MI; 5 ft 7 in, 1600 lbs (COD
-Kidney Failure)

CATHERINE HONEYMAN "morbidly obese". 40 (COD -Breast Cancer)

DAVID RON HIGH (1953 - 1996) of Brooklyn, NY; 5 ft 10 in, 1000+ lbs.
(COD -Heart Failure)

DEANNA WARREN "morbidly obese". Early 30's (COD -Natural Causes
according to NAAFA!)

GAIL GRINDS (1967? - 2005) of Stuart, Fl 4ft 10in, 478 lbs. Ms Grinds
achieved worldwide notoriety when paramedics discovered that after 6
years of lying on her couch her skin had literally become fused to the
sofa. Grinds was too large to get up from the couch even to use the
bathroom and rescue workers going inside the home were forced to wear
biohazard gear due to the stench! Grinds died at Martin Memorial
Hospital South, still attached to her couch. (COD -Morbid Obesity - A

IDA MAITLAND (1898 - 1932) of Springfield, MS; 911 lbs. (COD -Died
While Trying To Pick A Four-Leaf Clover).

JERRY CURRANT (1938-1979) of Los Angeles, CA; 6 ft 2 in, 1000+ lbs.
(COD -Colon Cancer)

JOHN DOE, (name withheld) (1939 -1986), of New York State; 5 ft 7 in,
1050 lbs. (COD -Post Operative Complications)

JOHN HANSON CRAIG (1856 - 1894) of Kentucky; 6 ft 5 in, 907 lbs. (COD
-Morbid Obesity)

JOHNNY ALEE (1853 - 1887) of Carbon (now Carbonton) NC; 1132 lbs. (COD
-Fell Through Floor Of Cabin To Own Death -Guinness unverified)

JOHN KEITZ (1966-2005) 39 Dundalk, Maryland 750+lbs. Keitz started out
at a mere 500lbs but became bedridden after slipping on a pile of
grease while making dinner. He quickly ballooned to 625 lbs at which
point he was admitted to a facility near Annapolis, Maryland - eager to
lose the weight and become "functional" again. Within 90 days Keitz
had increased to 750+lbs, mainly by stealing or begging for food.
Unable to roll over in bed Kietz died from a combination of sleep apena
and cardiac arrest. (COD - Morbid Obesity)

JON BROWER MINNOCH (1941 - 1983) of Bainbridge Island, WA; 6 ft 1
in,1400 lbs (COD -Regained 200 Lbs In Seven Days)

JOSELINA DA SILVA (1959 - 1996) of São Paulo, Brazil; 5 ft 3 in, 895
lbs. (COD -Aggravated Double Pneumonia.)

JOY HILBERT "morbidly obese". 40 (COD -Post Operative Complications)

LENORE LEVINE"morbidly obese". 53-54 (COD -Ovarian Cancer)

LEONARD BROWN (1953-1970) of Panama City, FL; 920 lbs. (COD -Morbid

LESLIE DIMAGGIO "morbidly obese". 60 (COD -Cancer)

MARGARET WETHERBEE "morbidly obese". 45 (COD -Massive Infection)

MICHAEL EDELMAN (1964 - 1992) of Pomona, NY; 994 lbs (COD

MIKE PARTELENO (b. 1958-2001) of Struthers, OH; 6 ft , 1022 lbs (COD
-Morbid Obesity)

MOHAMED NAAMAN (b. 1946-1989) of Kenya; 6 ft, 1055 lbs, (COD -Morbid

RAY SIMPSON "morbidly obese". 57 (COD -Diabetes)

RICH REYNOLDS "morbidly obese". 40 (COD -MORBID OBESITY)

RICK"BIG TEX" ROGERS (1902-1956), Texas; 6 ft 1 1/2 in, 924 lbs. (COD
-Morbid Obesity)

ROBERT EARL HUGHES (1926 - 1958) of Monticello, MO 6 ft 1/2 in, 1069
lbs (COD -Kidney Failure)

ROSELIE BRADFORD (b. 1944-1987) of Sellersville, PA; 5 ft 6 in,1200 lbs
(COD-Morbid Obesity)

SUSAN MASON "morbidly obese". 47 (COD -Morbid Obesity)

SYLVANUS "HAMBONE" SMITH (1941 - 1997) of Tifton, GA; 6 ft 2 in, 1000
lbs. (COD -Diet-Induced Stress)

TIMOTHY LEE MORRIS, 45 (1959-2005), 600lb. Moris described as weighing
more than 600lbs was unable to get out of bed on his own when his
mobile home caught on fire. Five would-be rescuers were unable to lift
him. Responders eventually rolled Morris onto a backboard and slid him
out the front door. (COD: Smoke Inhalation).

WALTER HUDSON (1944 - 1991) of Hempstead, NY 5 ft 10 in, 1197 lbs (the
industrial scale broke in the process of weighing him) (COD
-Diet-Induced Stress -Guinness).

DENNY WELCH (1960-) of Hamilton, OH, 980 lbs. Welch also faces criminal
charges for allegedly showing pornographic videos to minors.

KATE HORTON (1937 - ) of Calgary Alberta, 613 lbs. Ms Horton was
evicted from the one-bedroom apartment she once shared with her same
sex partner for failure to pay rent. Horton claimed to so heavy, that
she couldn't even find clothes, used a hospital Port-A-Potty as a bed
and was barely able to stand on her own. After being evicted, friends
found Kate a new apartment. However unable to get there on her own, let
alone fit into a cab, she had to be transported by ambulance. It took
six ambulance attendants to lift Horton onto a stretcher and transport
her to her new apartment - all on the taxpayers purse.

NAME WITHHELD BY COURT (1947 - ) 600lbs+ Described by officials as
"morbidly obese". The West Australian, who cannot be named for legal
reasons, was charged with six counts of pedophilia . Facing a string of
sex offences in Brisbane Australia, he was considered too fat to make
the journey to court. Therefore a special travelling court was
convened. Currently incarcerated he was reputedly transferred to jail
in a sheep wagon.

MICHAEL WASHINGTON, 32 (1973- ) Cedar Rapids, Iowa 574lbs.. CONVICTED
CRACK DEALER. Argued during sentencing that he was too obese to be
adequately cared for in prison, and requested home confinement.
However, the judge disagreed and jailed him anyway. Washington is
currently incarcerated.

SANTIAGO GARCIA (1964-) of Baytown, TX; 6 ft 1 in, aprox. 900 lbs.
Garcia made the papers in 1994, when he was arrested for selling forged
immigration cards. After proving too big for a cell, too wide for the
shower, and too heavy for the forklift that tried to load him into a
prison van, Garcia was released into the care of his family. Unlike
most super-heavyweights, Garcia hasn't let his size or the stares of
onlookers confine him to his home: he travels around town in the back
of his sister's van.


FRANCIS JOHN LANG, AKA MICHAEL WALKER (b. 1934) of Gibsonton, FL (born
in Clinton, IA); 6 ft 2 in, believed to have reached a maximum weight
of 1187 lbs. Lang found a unique way of capitalizing on his situation:
he had a mobile home built with observation windows, and traveled the
country putting himself on display at carnivals and fairs. Lying nearly
nude on an oversize circular bed, he preached to the curious about the
evils of drugs, using his own body as the moral lesson. In early 1972
Lang was hospitalized in Houston for a suspected heart attack, at which
time he was estimated to weigh between 900 and 1000 lbs. By 1980, Lang
had reportedly reduced to 369 lbs.

ROSELIE BRADFORD (b. 1944) of Sellersville, PA; 5 ft 6 in, measured at
1053 lbs, but estimates that she weighed more than 1200 lbs at her peak
two years earlier, a claim accepted by Guinness. She was eventually
persuaded by Richard Simmons to embark on a five year diet, an
experience she described as hellish. Tortured by hunger, by fast-food
commercials, and by dreams in which she ate without limit, she
nevertheless got down to under 300 pounds, setting a world's record for
weight loss. She later sued the Star tabloid for suggesting that she
couldn't have intimate relations with her husband at over half a ton.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homemade Twinkie Recipes

Hostess Twinkies have been a glutton's staple for almost a century. This iconic treat like the American thinling may soon become extinct. The Hostess Twinkie is more that just a great tasting snack cake it is a symbol of hedonism to gluttons and foodies everywhere. It is a symbol of American Gluttony.

With workers continuing to strike and the company threatening to close, Hostess snack cake lovers are forced to contemplate a world without Twinkies.

5 Recipes You Can Make With Hostess Snacks

The buttery, beloved snack cakes were first created in 1930 with basic, wholesome ingredients and a banana-cream filling. Over the years, in an effort to extend the snack cake's shelf life, the butter, eggs, and milk were replaced with chemicals and stabilizers; a banana shortage during World War II made vanilla the standard Twinkie filling flavor.

5 Healthy Foods That Are More Fattening Than a Twinkie

Hostess workers went on strike on November 9, after a bankruptcy court gave the struggling 82-year-old company the right to impose pay cuts. The baked goods company (which also makes Wonder Bread and several other iconic snack cakes) has given striking employees until 5 p.m. ET on Thursday to return to work. If they don't, on Friday Hostess plans to ask a bankruptcy judge for permission to shut down, sell their assets, and fire all employees except for the few needed to prep facilities for sale.

Professor Loses 27 Pounds Eating Twinkies. Dream Diet?

Hostess seems willing to make good on the threat: On Monday, Hostess closed bakeries in Seattle, St. Louis, and Cincinnati, the Associated Press reported. Customers were not affected, but about 627 workers lost their jobs.

"We simply do not have the financial resources to survive an ongoing national strike," Hostess Chief Executive Gregory Rayburn said in a statement on Wednesday. A union spokesperson had no comment.

Hostess has 33 other bakeries, 565 distribution centers, and 570 outlet stores worldwide. The company-wide shutdown could begin as soon as next week.

So if you can't live in a world without the Twinkie's creme-stuffed golden goodness, stock up now—or try your hand at making them at home.

Homemade Twinkies
Adapted from Gourmet Cookbook by Joy the Baker
Makes about 12

2 cups all-purpose flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
10 Tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon almond extract (optional)
1 cup milk

Put a rack in the center of the oven and preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Create your own Twinkie-like molds by wrapping heavy-duty aluminum foil around a 4-inch-long spice bottle. Leave the top of the mold open so you can pour in the batter. (For a how-to video, click here.)

In a bowl, sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

Beat together butter and sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer at medium-high speed until pale and fluffy, about 3 minutes.

Beat in eggs one at a time, beating for 1 minute in between each addition.

Beat in vanilla and almond extract. Reduce speed to low, add half of the flour mixture, and beat until incorporated. Add milk and beat until incorporated. Add the rest of the flour, and beat until incorporated.

Spray prepared Twinkie molds with nonstick spray and divide the batter between them. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, or until the cakes are just slightly golden and a pick inserted in the center of the cakes comes out clean. Remove from the oven and let cool completely before filling with marshmallow cream.

Marshmallow filling
by Todd Wilbur of Top Secret Recipes

2 teaspoons very hot water
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups (one 7-ounce jar) marshmallow creme
1/2 cup shortening
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Combine salt with hot water in a small bowl and stir until salt is dissolved. Let cool.

Combine the marshmallow creme, shortening, powdered sugar, and vanilla in a medium bowl and beat until fluffy, using an electric mixer on high speed.

Add salt water and beat to combine.

When the cakes are cool, use a skewer or a chopstick to make three holes along the bottom, moving the stick around slightly to create space inside the cake. Fit a pastry bag with a small tip and fill it with the marshmallow creme mixture (or scoop it into a resealable bag and snip off a tiny bit of one corner; pipe filling into each cake, using the three holes.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Horses are Wimpy and Fat Phobic

Horses are Wimpy and Fat Phobic by Rotunda Hindenburg
Journalist and Fat Womyn Rotunda Hindenberg

I was totally humiliated by some horses and and their fat phobic trainers at a riding stable. My fat phobic brother brought me and his son and daughter to a horse farm. I was not planning on riding one of those detestable beasts but my niece and nephew begged me, their Aunt Rotunda to ride with them. I reluctantly agreed but when we got out of the van and began to make arrangements for the ride down the bridal path they came right out and said that I was too fat and that I would hurt the horses. They went on to say that anyone over 350 pounds was not allowed to mount a horse. I was enraged! I snapped back at the MAN and told him that they must have some really wimpy horses and a stormed out and sat in the van and defiantly polished off a box of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies.

You would think by now that they would be breeding some large sturdy fat friendly horses or maybe create a power chair for the horse and its fat rider. Maybe they could cross a horse with an ox or a camel.
Maybe they could come up with a special saddle for a giant six legged Clydesdale.

This is just one more example of thin privilege and fat hatred. We demand fat friendly horses!

Here is what happens to a wimpy horse when a real woman of size mounts it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tara Palmatier A Shrink 4 Men

 I read the following article written by weasel named Jason Atkison who appears to be a pussy whipped wimp who needs to grow a set of balls and man up. If I ran into Jason I'd punk the little bitch or I'd have Proud FA bitch slap him. What I am doing is acting like a man and defending the honor of a woman and that woman is Dr Tara Palmatier. Dr Palmatier is cutting edge in the same way the late Albert Ellis was cutting edge; she's stating the obvious. When Ellis, the father of rational emotive therapy (RET) stated  psycho therapy doesn't work and it was mostly a scam it really upset the status quo. Ellis took a lot of shit for that from the established shrink community for saying it because they knew he was right and the arrogant and greedy asses didn't want to actually work on behalf of patients and fix their nuttiness in a few ettective sessions. Dr Palamatier is stating something a hell of a lot more obvious than Ellis did, and that is, a lot of women are bitches ie Cluster B. She goes on to say that our culture rewards bitches and the more psycho they are the more they are excused and rewarded. Casey Anthony is a prime example of that. Her mother was a psycho bitch and her father was a wimp.

That little weasel Jason Atkinson pulls a Dr Drew/Dr Phil and does an off the cuff psychological evaluation of Dr Palmatier which is mostly a mean spirited personal indictment of the good doctor as well as it being highly unprofessional and amateurish. If Tara were my sister I would have beaten the fucking shit out of that sissy boy Jason. Jason is the kind of little bitch who would have gotten his ass beat everyday at my school. I am going to return the favor and evaluate Jason but I will dispense with the usual psycho babble and speak in the common parlance.

I will return the favor.

Jason is a latent fairy with some sort of gender dysphoria disorder with mixed emotional features. Jason's mother was a psycho cunt who emasculated Jason and that is why Jason's father bailed on the bitch. Seeing that Jason was a lost cause and a mama's boy Jason's father remarried a real womanly woman and they raised womanly daughters and manly sons. Jason's half brothers soon realized that Jason was a gurly man who acted like his psyhco mother. His mother has always had a chip on her shoulder because she was born without balls and a cock so she took Jason's and tried to take the balls of Jason's father as well. Jason, like his mother, is a man hater and he also is intimidated by womanly women like Dr Palmatier.

At this point a picture is worth 1000 words.

This is Dr Tara Palmatier. Bitches hate women who look like her. She has great hair and teeth. Her complexion is beautiful. She's everything most bitches can never be without a ton of cosmetic surgery and a high quality wig. Jason is a bitch and when he puts on his mommy's bra and panties, tucks his little nuts into their sockets, strokes his tiny dick and looks in the mirror he never looks as good as Tara.
This is Jason's mother. She is what turned Jason into a latent fairy. She caused his man hatred and his self hatred. Jason's mother used to wear a strap-on rubber cock and she'd fuck him in his silly ass with it and and make him repeat the words, "MEN ARE EVIL!", "TESTOSTERONE IS EVIL!" "I HATE DADDY" and "WOMEN ARE BETTER THAN MEN MAKE ME A GIRL MOMMY!"
Just to piss Jason off,  here is glamor shot of Tara. This shrink for men would not make me shrink. I'd bow to this queen just so that I could look up her dress and hide my boner.

This a Jason Atkinson and here is his hack job article about Dr  Palmatier. I will comment in blue. I have included all his typos and grammatical errors.

Shrink4men--what Is Wrong With Dr. Tara Palmatier by  Jason Sissy Boy Gender Dysphoric Atkinson

Like most cluster b people, Dr. Tara started out friendly and with empathy, yet now her blog has become a tool of her unkind personality to avenge anyone who dares say she is in the wrong, just like a cluster b woman would do. Dr. Tara's smear campaigns also incorporate her eagerness to give personal information about the people who have protested her posts.

Turn about is fair play you little whiny bitch boy. Get a life LOSER!

To make matters worse, Dr. Tara also has attacked affiliates on her blog, has make fun of NLP and Hypnosis, and even though she can be found leaving post on blogs that focus upon males seducing women, she also says she does not believe in "game". One must question that if Dr. Tara truly doesn't believe in hypnosis, then for what reason is she posting on seduction web sites, even going to the extent of making sure her name is spelled right?

You are lying about that you little bitch because if this were true you would have quoted her and left a link.  NLP is short for Neuro-linguistic programming and it has been proven to be a bunch of New Age bullshit. There are no valid studies showing that it's effective for anything.


Cluster b women are infamous for forming smear campaigns, and lots of of them are in the helping professions. It truly is a sad thing to see a so called professional in psychology attack women like this, and to use her forum and blog as a tool to launch smear campaigns towards people who don't agree with every single thing she says. Borderline women can do no wrong, and cluster b women are exceedingly emotional. Dr. Tara is no uncommon.

The only tool here is you Jason. Do you have any proof other than your fact free statements that one, Tara has is cluster B and two that women with cluster B disorders run smear campaigns? Do you even know what the Cluster B criteria is? 

Jason does not know what the Cluster B disorders are so here they are you short dicked pussy. They sound a lot like you loser.

It is also particularly unusual for a so called psychologist to undermine the significance of hypnosis because many psychologist use hypnosis in their private practices. Then again, Dr. Tara does not have a private practice so this perhaps isn't important to her. Nevertheless, she is using her blog and forum more and more to begin smear campaigns that are stealthily aimed at attacking people. This is traditional textbook behavior. Shrink4men continues to state that her protesters don't trouble her a bit, yet if she isn't bothered then why is she writing weird and extremely creepy personal attacks against people who protest her? In one of her post, Dr. Tara was even trying to tell her readers where one of her protesters lived!

Hey asshole, her credentials and CV are extremely impressive. Look it up loser boy. Tough shit for the jealous psycho womyn who fucked with Tara. I doubt if she even retaliated in any way. If she had you would have linked to it. You are a liar and I'd kick you in the mouth but I don't want to end up castrating your step father.

Cluster b women have the mentality of a two year old, and it would be nice to see Dr. Tara mature. People who assist her act brainwashed, never fully considering that the shrink4men is starting to display the exact same behavior patterns of cluster b women.Kiwihelen, a screwed up person who comes from a disordered family, is also a self proclaimed authority in psychology. Another chaotic member by the name of Shieldmaden uses the blog to post tedious post where she gossips about her husband's private life and their divorce proceedings. By her own admission, Shieldmaden is a co-dependent woman, and her lack of boundaries show it in every way.

Many good resources on personality disorders are out there, so give the so called shrink4men a second thought before visiting her malicious blog.
Article Directory:

So tell us Jason, did a pretty red haired girl reject you when she saw your pathetic dick?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

America's Biggest Ass is The World's Biggest

Before I reveal the biggest ass in America I will present some asses in size order so that you can have a better appreciation of just how big this ass is.
Remember this is all for scale.

Moving in the right direction!
Be patient!
 Baby got back!

While it is true that Kim KardASSian is an as with a big ass, America's Biggest Ass ass makes her ass look skinny!

This what happens when you have your head up your ass and vote Republican. You get butt hurt!

Now we're talking!

Meaty Big and Bouncy!



We're getting there "butt" not quite yet!

Almost there!
 Close "BUTT" no cigar!



Join the president in making a toast to America's Biggest ASS! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Filthy lying scum bag Mitt Romney is officially America's biggest ass! His supporters are America's biggest assholes.

MOOOOOOVE OVER MITTENS and make room for the world's biggest ASS!

UPDATE! Click here to see America's Biggest Ass

Click here to see more big ASS stuff!

Now to cleanse your pallet.