Monday, November 19, 2012

Comfort Wipe Butt Wands

It's no longer a dirty little secret; toileting for fatlings can be a challenge but today thanks to an increasingly fat freindly society and creative inventors there are more and more options to aid those of us who are deficationally challenged.

Let's be honest fat boys, some of us can't see our penises let alone reach them. Many of us have to sit when we pee and not only is that unmanly but that also means we have to waste all that energy standing up. PP Perfect is a fat man friendly device that allows fat guys to grip that their weenie so that they can take proper aim and hit the bowl.

The Ample Stuff butt wand sponge was a giant leap forward but it has been replaced by the  Comfort Wipe Butt Wand.

The Comfort Wipe Butt Wand is more hygienic and a better value because it works with your favorite TP for your bung hole.


Chair Breaker said...

Do they make a butt spreader?

Bally Balldez said...

Great question Chair Breaker! I have been asked that question before and as far as I know there is no commercially available butt cheek spreader. Mud flaps can make wiping a challenge. Back in the day when Proud FA was porking fat girls at the NAAFA conventions he would soak them in a hot tub first to get rid of the poop and the funk that goes with it.

There is a need for a butt cheeks spreader.