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Fat Acceptance Pioneers Hall of Fame

Fat Acceptance Pioneers  Hall of Fame - Recent Inductees (suicide by
gluttony ? )

Gluttony is not only a good way to live it's also a good way to die. Here is a partial list of heroes and heroines who went for the gusto. Gone but not forgotten.

c (1914 - 1960) of Reseda, CA; 6 ft 1 in, 900 lbs. (COD
-Organ Failure -gained 300 lbs in six months)

BARB COLGIN VANCE "morbidly obese". (COD -Morbid Obesity)

CAROL HAFFNER (1936 - 1995) of Hollywood, FL; 1023 lbs. (COD -Heart
CAROL YAGER (1960 - 1994) of Flint, MI; 5 ft 7 in, 1600 lbs (COD
-Kidney Failure)

CATHERINE HONEYMAN "morbidly obese". 40 (COD -Breast Cancer)

DAVID RON HIGH (1953 - 1996) of Brooklyn, NY; 5 ft 10 in, 1000+ lbs.
(COD -Heart Failure)

DEANNA WARREN "morbidly obese". Early 30's (COD -Natural Causes
according to NAAFA!)

GAIL GRINDS (1967? - 2005) of Stuart, Fl 4ft 10in, 478 lbs. Ms Grinds
achieved worldwide notoriety when paramedics discovered that after 6
years of lying on her couch her skin had literally become fused to the
sofa. Grinds was too large to get up from the couch even to use the
bathroom and rescue workers going inside the home were forced to wear
biohazard gear due to the stench! Grinds died at Martin Memorial
Hospital South, still attached to her couch. (COD -Morbid Obesity - A

IDA MAITLAND (1898 - 1932) of Springfield, MS; 911 lbs. (COD -Died
While Trying To Pick A Four-Leaf Clover).

JERRY CURRANT (1938-1979) of Los Angeles, CA; 6 ft 2 in, 1000+ lbs.
(COD -Colon Cancer)

JOHN DOE, (name withheld) (1939 -1986), of New York State; 5 ft 7 in,
1050 lbs. (COD -Post Operative Complications)

JOHN HANSON CRAIG (1856 - 1894) of Kentucky; 6 ft 5 in, 907 lbs. (COD
-Morbid Obesity)

JOHNNY ALEE (1853 - 1887) of Carbon (now Carbonton) NC; 1132 lbs. (COD
-Fell Through Floor Of Cabin To Own Death -Guinness unverified)

JOHN KEITZ (1966-2005) 39 Dundalk, Maryland 750+lbs. Keitz started out
at a mere 500lbs but became bedridden after slipping on a pile of
grease while making dinner. He quickly ballooned to 625 lbs at which
point he was admitted to a facility near Annapolis, Maryland - eager to
lose the weight and become "functional" again. Within 90 days Keitz
had increased to 750+lbs, mainly by stealing or begging for food.
Unable to roll over in bed Kietz died from a combination of sleep apena
and cardiac arrest. (COD - Morbid Obesity)

JON BROWER MINNOCH (1941 - 1983) of Bainbridge Island, WA; 6 ft 1
in,1400 lbs (COD -Regained 200 Lbs In Seven Days)

JOSELINA DA SILVA (1959 - 1996) of São Paulo, Brazil; 5 ft 3 in, 895
lbs. (COD -Aggravated Double Pneumonia.)

JOY HILBERT "morbidly obese". 40 (COD -Post Operative Complications)

LENORE LEVINE"morbidly obese". 53-54 (COD -Ovarian Cancer)

LEONARD BROWN (1953-1970) of Panama City, FL; 920 lbs. (COD -Morbid

LESLIE DIMAGGIO "morbidly obese". 60 (COD -Cancer)

MARGARET WETHERBEE "morbidly obese". 45 (COD -Massive Infection)

MICHAEL EDELMAN (1964 - 1992) of Pomona, NY; 994 lbs (COD

MIKE PARTELENO (b. 1958-2001) of Struthers, OH; 6 ft , 1022 lbs (COD
-Morbid Obesity)

MOHAMED NAAMAN (b. 1946-1989) of Kenya; 6 ft, 1055 lbs, (COD -Morbid

RAY SIMPSON "morbidly obese". 57 (COD -Diabetes)

RICH REYNOLDS "morbidly obese". 40 (COD -MORBID OBESITY)

RICK"BIG TEX" ROGERS (1902-1956), Texas; 6 ft 1 1/2 in, 924 lbs. (COD
-Morbid Obesity)

ROBERT EARL HUGHES (1926 - 1958) of Monticello, MO 6 ft 1/2 in, 1069
lbs (COD -Kidney Failure)

ROSELIE BRADFORD (b. 1944-1987) of Sellersville, PA; 5 ft 6 in,1200 lbs
(COD-Morbid Obesity)

SUSAN MASON "morbidly obese". 47 (COD -Morbid Obesity)

SYLVANUS "HAMBONE" SMITH (1941 - 1997) of Tifton, GA; 6 ft 2 in, 1000
lbs. (COD -Diet-Induced Stress)

TIMOTHY LEE MORRIS, 45 (1959-2005), 600lb. Moris described as weighing
more than 600lbs was unable to get out of bed on his own when his
mobile home caught on fire. Five would-be rescuers were unable to lift
him. Responders eventually rolled Morris onto a backboard and slid him
out the front door. (COD: Smoke Inhalation).

WALTER HUDSON (1944 - 1991) of Hempstead, NY 5 ft 10 in, 1197 lbs (the
industrial scale broke in the process of weighing him) (COD
-Diet-Induced Stress -Guinness).

DENNY WELCH (1960-) of Hamilton, OH, 980 lbs. Welch also faces criminal
charges for allegedly showing pornographic videos to minors.

KATE HORTON (1937 - ) of Calgary Alberta, 613 lbs. Ms Horton was
evicted from the one-bedroom apartment she once shared with her same
sex partner for failure to pay rent. Horton claimed to so heavy, that
she couldn't even find clothes, used a hospital Port-A-Potty as a bed
and was barely able to stand on her own. After being evicted, friends
found Kate a new apartment. However unable to get there on her own, let
alone fit into a cab, she had to be transported by ambulance. It took
six ambulance attendants to lift Horton onto a stretcher and transport
her to her new apartment - all on the taxpayers purse.

NAME WITHHELD BY COURT (1947 - ) 600lbs+ Described by officials as
"morbidly obese". The West Australian, who cannot be named for legal
reasons, was charged with six counts of pedophilia . Facing a string of
sex offences in Brisbane Australia, he was considered too fat to make
the journey to court. Therefore a special travelling court was
convened. Currently incarcerated he was reputedly transferred to jail
in a sheep wagon.

MICHAEL WASHINGTON, 32 (1973- ) Cedar Rapids, Iowa 574lbs.. CONVICTED
CRACK DEALER. Argued during sentencing that he was too obese to be
adequately cared for in prison, and requested home confinement.
However, the judge disagreed and jailed him anyway. Washington is
currently incarcerated.

SANTIAGO GARCIA (1964-) of Baytown, TX; 6 ft 1 in, aprox. 900 lbs.
Garcia made the papers in 1994, when he was arrested for selling forged
immigration cards. After proving too big for a cell, too wide for the
shower, and too heavy for the forklift that tried to load him into a
prison van, Garcia was released into the care of his family. Unlike
most super-heavyweights, Garcia hasn't let his size or the stares of
onlookers confine him to his home: he travels around town in the back
of his sister's van.


FRANCIS JOHN LANG, AKA MICHAEL WALKER (b. 1934) of Gibsonton, FL (born
in Clinton, IA); 6 ft 2 in, believed to have reached a maximum weight
of 1187 lbs. Lang found a unique way of capitalizing on his situation:
he had a mobile home built with observation windows, and traveled the
country putting himself on display at carnivals and fairs. Lying nearly
nude on an oversize circular bed, he preached to the curious about the
evils of drugs, using his own body as the moral lesson. In early 1972
Lang was hospitalized in Houston for a suspected heart attack, at which
time he was estimated to weigh between 900 and 1000 lbs. By 1980, Lang
had reportedly reduced to 369 lbs.

ROSELIE BRADFORD (b. 1944) of Sellersville, PA; 5 ft 6 in, measured at
1053 lbs, but estimates that she weighed more than 1200 lbs at her peak
two years earlier, a claim accepted by Guinness. She was eventually
persuaded by Richard Simmons to embark on a five year diet, an
experience she described as hellish. Tortured by hunger, by fast-food
commercials, and by dreams in which she ate without limit, she
nevertheless got down to under 300 pounds, setting a world's record for
weight loss. She later sued the Star tabloid for suggesting that she
couldn't have intimate relations with her husband at over half a ton.


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