Monday, November 12, 2012

Horses are Wimpy and Fat Phobic

Horses are Wimpy and Fat Phobic by Rotunda Hindenburg
Journalist and Fat Womyn Rotunda Hindenberg

I was totally humiliated by some horses and and their fat phobic trainers at a riding stable. My fat phobic brother brought me and his son and daughter to a horse farm. I was not planning on riding one of those detestable beasts but my niece and nephew begged me, their Aunt Rotunda to ride with them. I reluctantly agreed but when we got out of the van and began to make arrangements for the ride down the bridal path they came right out and said that I was too fat and that I would hurt the horses. They went on to say that anyone over 350 pounds was not allowed to mount a horse. I was enraged! I snapped back at the MAN and told him that they must have some really wimpy horses and a stormed out and sat in the van and defiantly polished off a box of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies.

You would think by now that they would be breeding some large sturdy fat friendly horses or maybe create a power chair for the horse and its fat rider. Maybe they could cross a horse with an ox or a camel.
Maybe they could come up with a special saddle for a giant six legged Clydesdale.

This is just one more example of thin privilege and fat hatred. We demand fat friendly horses!

Here is what happens to a wimpy horse when a real woman of size mounts it.

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