Friday, November 2, 2012

Republicans For Obama

I Fat Bastard was once a Republican when the GOP was the party of Reagan but when Gingrich started running his mouth and attacking  Bill Clinton just to be an asshole I stopped being a Republican. I was a moderate Republican and when Bubba got elected his policies more closely reflected Republican values than those of borrow and spend George H. W. Bush. I voted for Ross Perot the first time but after Clinton proved to be the best "Republican" president in history I, Fat Bastard, switched parties. I can here the CONS now saying, "the only reason you liked Clinton is because he was a fat ass just like you".  That is just unfair. Sure the greatest presidents have been fat ie William Howard Taft and Teddy Roosevelt and Bill Clinton but Bubba's girth had nothing to do with it. What made me change was the un-Republican antics and rhetoric of the scumbags that Bill the big dog Clinton spanked.

Today's Republicans are a shamefull lot. One of the biggest slimes in today's GOP is Mitt Romney.  Romney has no core. Rick Santorum has said it and Gingich a liar himself called him a liar. It takes one to know one.

More and more sane non racist Republicans are fed up with the GOP and the teabaggers.  I has gotten so bad that more and more Republicans are defecting. The party of Eisenhower and Reagan is no more. Today's GOP is the party of liars and psycho talkers, Glenn "cry baby" Beck  Rush "the drugster" Limaugh and that other traitor John Sunnunu. Today's GOP is full of pedophiles, hypocrite, corporate gangsters and pimps for the plutocrats.
Drug Addict and Traitor
Filthy Liar Con Slime

If you are a disgruntled Republican click HERE to see why you should vote for Obama and why more and more Republicans are voting for Obama and other Democrats.

Now for some big asses you want to see.

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