Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paula Deen Another Weight Loss Sellout
I don't know whether the oink angrily or oink sadly but America's butter Queen Paula Deen is downright skinny and as bad as that is it gets worse. Her husband Groover lost 60 pounds in order to avoid knee surgery – what a wimp! Sadly, it gets even worse. Both her sons have lost weight to deal with their health problems. This is a sad day for gluttons everywhere. Combined, Paula Deen's clan has lost a total of 174 pounds.

Her husband Groover lost the weight to avoid knee surgery. I guess all Paula's cooking did not trump the pain of a damaged knee joint. The once plump Paula after being diagnosed with diabetes was at first it defiant and fatlings everywhere cheered but somebody got to her and instead of taking drugs for diabetes Paula Deen decided to eat rabbit food and abandon her delicious Southern cooking.

Paula Deen joins a long list of BBW sellouts.

Aretha Franklin selfishly decided that breathing and singing were more important than her food. Shame on you Aretha.

Valerie Bertinelli is another weight loss sellout. She joins the ranks of people like Carrie Fisher, Al Roker, Kirstie Alley, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Sarah Ferguson formerly the princes of pork but now princes of York, Jordan Sparks and so many others have disappointed those of us in the glutton and fat acceptance movement.

We still have Carnie Wilson. Even after two weight loss surgeries that included a gastric bypass and then gastric banding Carnie Wilson still defies the fat haters and she continues to blimp out.

I never thought the Paula Deen butter Queen with sellout but I was equally shocked to find out that another sexy sow Ann Wilson from the Canadian rock band heart has also lost a tremendous amount of weight after having gastric band.

The only fat celebrity that we can really depend on these days is Oprah. Sure, Oprah will get fat and then not so fat and then fat in the not so fat and then fat and not so fat but we always know that like Carnie Wilson, Oprah will always remain a hefty hog. The jury is still out on Rosie O'Donnell. Let's hope that her heart attack scare won't cause her to eat salad and get skinny. Rosie especially, will look horrible skinny with that great big melon head of hers.

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