Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gluttony and Obesity Cheers: Fat Positive Affirmations

Happy heavy hungry hunnies and feeding fatties flaunting flab
Positive affirmations go a long way in healing one's inhibitions. If you find your fattitude on the wane try these fattitude building cheers! Feast your eys on these flabulous flabby females full of feisty fattitude.

Cheer number one.

Harriet Hamthigh

Waddle to the left. Waddle to the right. Eat all day and eat all night.

Cheer number two.
Ms Kelly Belly Bliss

2 4 6 8 We do not regurgitate.

Cheer number three.
OK I admit it not all fat girls have curves.

EAT! EAT! EAT more fucking meat!

Cheer number four.

C'mon stick boy hoist that hot hammed armed hunny!

Good food good meat good lord let's eat!

Cheer number five
Fat and fit!

EAT it up, and up, and up, and up, and up
EAT it up (clap, clap)
EAT it up (clap, clap)

Cheer number six
BBW cheerleader show the opposition what they are in store for!

I am fat. Give me space. If you don't I'll squash your face.

Cheer number seven.
If the cheerleaders are this big the team must be enormous!
Big fat arms big fat butt FOOD SLUT FOOD SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT

Cheer number eight

Prudish skinny cheerleaders shiver while fatling struts her stuff.
Rubba dub dub gimme some grub and a Quiznos twelve inch sub!
Ben & Jerrys Burger King EAT EAT EAT chicken wing!

Cheer number 9
Plump piglettes pose with pom poms after eating bon bons

OOOMPA  OOOMPA fat girl tons and tons of fun when you are finished eating we have just begun.

Cheer number 10

Chubby Cheese heads heading for num num nuptuals
Wacka wacka cheese & crackers sis boom bah! Feed me some ice cream RAH! RAH! RAH!

Cheer number 11
Proud Pod of Pudgy Pom Pom Pigs!

We are fat! We are mean! We don't need no lean cuisine!

Cheer number 12
Sexy sow sistas sizzlin
Watermellon Watermelon plate of ribs. Mac and cheese at our cribs.

Cheer number 13
650 pounds of pure womyn

 Fat in the belly fat in the can hate that hate that hate that man!

Cheer number 14
Plump pretty porker with pom pom

 Peanut butter eat it from the jar.... CANDY CANDY CANDY BAR! 

Cheer number 15
Anorexic angels to weak to stand

 Ugly Ugly SKINNY SKANK now the fat boys monkey spank!

Cheer number 16
Santa's Skinny Sluts Fat Men Love Stick Women

Merry Christmas Happy New Year Doritos Eggnog Bottle of Beer!

Cheer Number 17
Hot and Hungry Pretty in Pink

  Were on offense RUSH RUSH RUSH Sit on a skinny guy CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH!

Cheer number 17
Emaciated skin and bones

 Skinny Skinny Skinny Skank Fat Boy Fat Boy WANK WANK! WANK!!

Cheer number 18
Fat Cheerleader Showing Skinny Cheerleader How to Feed Her Face

  Sit at the table sit on the floor feed me feed me more MORE MORE!

Cheer number 19
Fat Cheerleaders intimidate the opposing time because they may put on a helmet and pads and go in the game!

Fat admirers may be pervs but we're real women. We have curves.

Cheer number 20
Chuck that carrot. Chuck that beet! Real women need real food to EAT!!! 

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