Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bing vs Google

As of late we've seen a lot of ads touting Microsoft's search engine Bing over Google. What a lot of people I had soured on Microsoft because of some of their atrocious operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows ME and the train wreck that was Vista. In spite of my misgivings about Microsoft I began using Bing quite frequently and I was personally surprised to find out that in many ways surpasses Google.

When it comes to image and video searches Bing is a clear winner and Bing seems to be improving every time I use it whereas Google seems to have stagnated. Microsoft is also a big stink about the fact that Google snoops through emails. This is indeed very troubling and clearly criminal act because Google does not inform its customers that it is reading their emails.

As greedy gluttons morality doesn't mean a lot to us but our privacy does. What is also important to us is our time. Bing saves us time when we are surfing. I'm not saying that it is far superior to Google but I am saying that Bing has some advantages. Whether Bing becomes your search engine of choice only time will tell but you will never know if you prefer over Google if you don't give it a try.

I'm not using Bing for moral reasons because being the greedy glutton that I am I have a morals alleycat. I use Bing because for me is a better search engine.

If you want the clear scientific proof  of a side by side comparision click here.

Google and Bing compared!
BBW search Google vs Bing

Google is ad laden and it has more sites loaded with malware and tracking spyware. 

Google sites can harm your computer!

There is far more free BBW porn on Bing!

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