Monday, March 25, 2013

Chocolate Covered Bacon


Those of us at NAAFA from time to time break policy by endorsing commercial products or commercial enterprises. We've spoken highly of the Cheesecake Factory and of course the Mecca for all fatty's the sacred Heart Attack Grill. Today something caught my eye that may be the greatest boon to hedonistic gluttony ever. I give you Boss Hog's chocolate covered bacon! Yes, you read that right chocolate covered bacon. Our own belly boy has invented bacon flavored ice cream and I suppose that you can put chocolate syrup or hot fudge on top but chocolate covered bacon is so simplistic that it screams of gastronomic genius. I've been trying to get some input from the Chef on this but the Chef is on sabbatical with several of his fine plump ladies. The chef left with Luther Vandross CDs, some fine wine and several ounces of sticky green for medicinal purposes only and three or four of his prime plump ladies.

I couldn't wait for my shipment of Boss Hogg chocolate covered bacon and Etsy's to arrive from Bacon Freak so I brought some precooked bacon and I melted some Hershey's kisses and a dip the bacon into the melted Hershey kisses and I think I had the biggest foodgasm in my life.

I love chocolate covered raisins, cherries and strawberries but now it almost seems like a waste of chocolate to put it on anything other than bacon.

I will be discussing the feasibility of feeding pigs cocoa beans so that the meat and particularly the bacon tastes like chocolate but I doubt if anything can eclipse just plain old regular bacon covered in chocolate with the possible exception of carmel covered bacon with a thick layer of chocolate.

I discussed this with Proud FA we both commented on the fact that Chuck the bacon was not invented by a feeder. Fat girls love chocolate and they also swoon for bacon but nobody in the fat acceptance movement or the feederism movement ever connected the dots but doesn't really matter? Chocolate bacon is here now!
Don't let the fecal like appearance turn you off, I'd eat one of these even if it came out of Marilyn Wann's or Joy Nash's sweaty stinky butt hole. Hell, I'd eat a raw raccoon's asshole on a stick if it tasted like chocolate covered bacon.

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