Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cosmic Pig Studio

The other day the chef stop by with some of his finest sticky green (for medicinal purposes only) one of his famous pizzas and a CD. We sparked up the bong, tore into the pizza and popped in the CD. The chef skipped to the third track titled Buzzbong by Beyond The Son and I was blown away. Music has sucked for long time but this band Cosmic Pig's artist's really kick ass. Even when you're not high their music kicks ass. I would describe the music as heavy metal/hard rock/R&B/soul and Americana. The tasty licks were nearly as tasty as the Chef's pizza and were had yet to feel the effects of the Chef's sticky green. The vocals on  Play "Big Sky by Helene Duguay" Big Sky by Helene Duguay evoked the sounds one of the Chef's ladies while he was making sweet love to them. (The Chef loves the ladies and the ladies love the Chef)
Helene Duguay

The Chef was so impresses with Play "Set My Love Free by Murray Porter" Set My Love Free by Murray Porter that he now plays it when he's "makin sweet love" to one of his ladies and tells me that it work every bit as well as Luther Vandross or Barry White for "getting his ladies all warmed up".

The Chef and I both loved Play "Elliot by Ash Riot" Elliot by Ash Riot vocal performance but felt that her lyrics were a bit cliche and sloganesque. We also thought that the vocal should have been a bit more on top of the mix. We were both pretty much baked by the time we got to  Play "Polaris, North Surrey Secondary Choir" The Chef was caught by surprise and he thought is was a chorus of angels "coming for to carry him home". After we added some fat beats to it the Chef chilled and we sparked up the bong again. 

Every cut on the Cosmic Pig offering completes a smorgasbord of aural enticement and satifaction.
The Mighty Chef's Mighty Bong

As my readers know I like music by the Meat Puppets, Meatloaf, the Bus Boys, the Food Sluts, Space Hog and the Cranberries. I will be adding Cosmic Pig to my collection and I encourage others who like to combine good food with good music to download their songs.

You can sample their music by clicking  here.

I can't find a lot in information on Cosmic Pig so if you know anything about this band and its line up please leave a message in the comment section. OINK!

Watch some of these pigs jammin in the pig studio jamming on a blues tune. Cosmic Pig Studio

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