Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Obesity and Yeast Infection


Fat girls and yeast infections go hand in hand. The crotch of a BBW is the perfect incubator for a yeast infection. The crotch of a BBW can be a very funky place full of all sorts of itchy, stinky and crawly things. As a public service to our millions of feeders, gainers, fat admirers  BBW and SSBBW readers NAAFA is presenting this handy dandy crotch infections and cures chart.


Many fat admirers find themselves in a tough situation with a BBW when pulls off her panties and finds what look like a container of vanilla yogurt has exploded in her cunt or he finds some other stinky ooze coming out of her crotch. While most seasoned fat admirers live by the code "NO MUFF TOO TOUGH" a rotten crotch can really be a buzz kill. Letting the BBW know that crotch problems a common place among BBWs can take the tension out of an awkward situation and can lead to a nice blow job after you promise her to give her a good rogering as soon as her pussy problem is cured.


You may be inclined to titty fuck your BBW if her crotch is on the blink but that could be a mistake. Many BBW's because of all the under tit sweat develop contagious skin infections under their massive titties. DON'T GO THERE!

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