Saturday, March 16, 2013

World's Widest Hips

There are some things that call for the expertise of Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear. This is one of them.  American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon did a lot of work with somatotypes but Dr bear took it to the next level. Think of it like Sheldon being Einstien of body shape and Dr Bear being the Stephen Hawking. When Dr Bear recovers from his emergency surgery I hope that he finds time to pontificate on this.

Presenting Mikel Ruffinelli! VA VA VA VOOM!


Of course this sexy sow has her haters like Tommy Sotomayor but she also has her admirers.

When is comes to SSBBWs Mikel is a lightweight weighing in at meager 420 lbs and standing 5'4"

Prepare for the Pear!
No, you aren't drunk. There really are pretty pink elephants. SIMBA SIMBA UNGOWA UNGOWA!!

This SSBBW 8 foot cirumfrence butt is bigger than her whole family!


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