Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fat Airline Passengers

Let's all drop the political correctness and admit that sitting next to a fat person on a plane or bus can really suck for everybody even other fatlings.

As the image on the left illustrates the thinling is being encroached upon by the BBW and her pillow arms. Sure the thinling is being inconvenienced but imagine how much worse it would be if both passengers were BBW's. Instead of only one person be squashed two people would be squashed.

Cosiderate fatling MOOving over so the thinling can be comfy.

The most logical solution would be fat friendly passenger planes but bigger fatter airplanes are decades away. For now we need some commonsense. I propose that seating be based on passenger weight. There are some very good reasons for that.

Passenger comfort: Fatlings should be seated next to thinlings. Why should both passengers be uncomfortable?

Safety: Let's say they put all the fatlings in the back of the plane. If they did the plane could never level off. It would just keep climbing.

If fat passengers were all seated in the front of the plane it could nosedive!

If fat passenger we all seated on one side the plane would fly sideways.

Two happy fatlings and one pissed off thingling. Get over it stickboy! The good of the many outweigh the good of the few.

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