Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feed Me More: Medical Feederism

Before Feeder Therapy
Unfortunately many of today's weight loss surgery victims are not as lucky as Carnie Wilson and are unable to pack the pounds back on. In fact, in some instances they can't stop losing weight and the only thing that can save them is eating massive amounts of calories. Enter the feeder. Feeders have the expertise to get BBW's to eat and eat and eat and eat. If you are a victim of quick loss surgery and you are unable to eat massive amounts of food that I was suggest that you go to Dimensions Magazine's Weight room and find yourself a feeder.

A true feeder would happily accept this challenge. Simply approach a feeder and tell him that you wish to become a BBW. Chances are he will accept the challenge and feed you for free.

Feederism works! Feederism saves lives!

After Feeder Therapy!

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