Friday, April 5, 2013

Sleep Apnea Is Good For You and it's Sexy

Hey, let's be honest here, breathing is lot of work for us lard asses. Just sit next to one of us and listen to us wheeze and then you'll know what I'm talking about. While breathing is involuntary it still burns a lot of calories and because we fatty's breathe much harder and more often than normalings our breathing is burning a lot of calories and requiring a lot of involuntary effort on our part. This does not fit the fat and slothful lifestyle. Many of us have portable oxygen but even with that we still have to exert energy to inhale but at night when we are on a CPAP machine most of the breathing is done for us. This is good for us. Just the exertion of breathing can cause a heart attack and besides why breathe when using get a machine to do it for you? We can use our energy for more important things like eating, surfing porn, watching TV and more eating. Did I mention eating?

Many of the so-called comorbid features of obesity are actually lessens in disguise. Diabetic amputations will assure us a free premium power chair. Joint replacements also assure us a power chair for when they inevitably fail and it also gives us access to really good drugs.
One of the best things about having sleep apnea is getting that wonderful CPAP machine. They are so cool, the fashionable fat man ends up looking like a cyborg from Star Trek that cool looking mask and the nose hose.
Fat Bastard Getting a Recharge

C PAP supplies are free for most fatties.

EAT! Get fat. Get sleep apnea! Get diabetes. Get a FREE diabetic amputation. Get an awesome FREE power chair! Get a FREE C-PAP machine!

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