Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Star Trek Hotties Part One

Fat guys beat off a lot, that's a given. That means that we look at a lot of women. Let's ooggle the Star Trek Hotties.


One lesser known Star Trek Hottie is T Pol a Vulcan sub-commander played by actress Jolene Blalock. She played on Star Trek Enterprise. What I like about Star Trek hotties is the wide variety. Jolene has a very exotic look and she has a smokin body. Her full lips, perfect bone structure and her slender fit body make her a total package! I bet she smells nice too!

If she ever gave me a Vulcan mind meld she'd cum in the most logical way and so would I!

She's just plain hot!

Let's move slightly into the future to the original Star Trek. There were two hotties on the original Start Trek with the main hottie being Lieutenant Uhura with a minor hottie being Yoeman Rand.

When it comes to being hot Nichelle Nichols caused pubescent male baby boomers to get a wicked case of jungle fever. That gorgeous face and those meaty thighs probably caused more young males to dig Star Trek and stroke their tallywackers at warp drive.

Nichelle is a class act so sadly she never slutted it up. I wish she had posed in Playboy or Penthouse and so do her other male fans.

I will post even more pictures of Nichelle Nichols and all the other Star Trek hotties.

Star Trek TNG had two main hotties Counselor Trois played by Marina Sitris and Dr. Crusher played by Gates McFadden. Both were hot but in very different ways. When it comes to ass and tits Counselor Trois wins hands down but Gates is a total package.

Marina Sirtis is just damn sexy. Even when she's not all dolled up she's hot. In real life she seems very down to earth and not all full of herself and that is damn sexy. She has that British cool and that Classical Greek goddess look. That's tough to beat.

She doesn't have to be a half-Betazoid empath to know what I'm thinking about. All she has to do is look at the bulge in my pants.

Of all the Star Trek hotties, she's the one who seems like the most fun loving. That too makes her hot.

Unfortunately Gates McFadden's character Dr Beverly Crusher was not a sex symbol but that does not take away from this fiery red head's hotness. This statuesque redhead has an understated hotness. Her high cheek bones and her alabaster skin denote a classic beauty.

If Dr Crusher is what MILFs look like in the 24th century I'm putting my fat ass into a time machine. If she told me to go on a diet I would. That's right, I'd pick her over food!

She can sit on my face for light year and milk my prostate!

Jolene Blalock


Lt Uhura Nichelle Nichols




Marina Sirtis




Gates McFadden




Keep watching for part two for pictures of Nana Visitor, Jeri Ryan, Kate Milgrew and others. In the meantime let us know who you think is the hottest hottie.

Nana Visitor

Jeri Ryan

Kate Milgrew

 OK fat boys... start beating off!

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Anonymous said...

This is hard in more ways that one but if I had to choose I'd have to go with Nichelle Lt Uhura Nichols for sheer beauty. Gates is elegant and Marina is smokin in a demure sort of way. Jolene Blalock is a true sex pot. She could be wearig a potato sack and she'd look hot.