Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why Women Should Not be Fat but Womyn Should


You read that right. This is not to saythat all females should not be fat. Womyn can be as fast as they want.

Women need to slim down and stay between a BMI of 18 and 22. There's a very good reason for this. Fat men are jolly but the same cannot be said for fat women. Fat women tend to be mean and their emotional roller coasters have higher highs and lower lows than normal sized women.

Women are crazy enough without having an overabundance of Fattitude. You heard that right. Some people, mostly females can have far too much fattitude. Men with fattitude tend to be large and in charge and we know how to throw our weight around whereas female fattitude make them throw hissy fits and dishes.

In the movie A Few Good Men Jack Nicholson's character said "you can't handle the truth" and by the same token women who are fat can't handle the fat in this is evidenced by the chaos we see in the fat acceptance movement as well as in the fatosphere. Womyn on the other hand can't handle fat. If they could they would not be repulsed by fat men. Womyn on the other hand want to be manly and getting fat allows them to sprout pig bristles on their chins and lose their womanly shapes.

Fat men love skinny women and for very good reasons. We all know that it is impossible for most fat men to pork fat woman. We also know that when fat women get porked it is the skinny guy who ends up doing all the work. In the case of the skinny woman with a fat man she can do all the work. Ride Sally ride.

Fat women, especially the ones that can't handle the fat are often mean to skinny girls. That's not a good thing because skinny girls are outnumbered and most of them are too gentle to fight back against an angry sow with a bad case of fattitude. In the barnyard the pig dominates the check every time. It simply is in a fair fight.

Fat women simply are not very happy and too many of them have traded their happiness for the pleasures of junk food. As Dr. Phil would say, "how's that working for you". From what I can see it is not working well. Between PCOS, PMDD, diabetes, erratic hormonal fluctuations and chronic yeast infections the fat girl is not a happy camper. There really is no other answer. Fat women need to lose weight.

There is an even bigger reason for why women should not be fat. The rate of birth defects more than doubles in babies born to fat mothers. That alone should be enough to convince women to lose weight.

Notice that there are no fat men on the fat side of the debate. Fat men would tell Karolchyk to go fuck himself after they got done drooling over MeMe Roth and Jillian Michaels. Those fat girls were getting all hot over Karolchyk, you could tell by they way they insulted him. Fat girls need a Michael Karolchyk fattitude adjustment.

It is also in their best interest to lose weight. The reason fat girls are better at giving head is because they have to be better. Men, even fat admirers, really do not like spelunking into the yeasty maw of a fat girl and while some fat admirers go by the motto, "no muff to tough" even those intrepid muff divers would prefer laying the tongue and the dick to the pussy of a fresh and clean skinny woman.

There you have it fat girls, if you can't embrace the fat and gluttony you're going to need to lose the fattitude and lose the weight. 

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