Saturday, May 11, 2013

Eat Like You Mean It!

The words, "eat like you mean it" have been spoken by many a man hating fat girl dyke to the other man hating fat girl dyke but now I, Fat Bastard am saying them -- and no, I am not referring to the nasty skanky sweaty yeasty hole of a fat girl. I'm referring to the greatest thing on the planet -- FOOD FOOD -- GLORIOUS FOOD!

To get you motivatined, here is some foodspiration. 

For all of you are there in a feeder feedee relationship please know that the immortal words "eat like you mean it" can be the most motivating words a feeder can say to his feedee.

The SSBBW eats like she means it!


Pig said...


Loveembig said...

I’ve been saying just that to my wife for years. In our 18 years of marriage my wife has put on over 250lbs. That girl can EAT and I’m damn proud of it. She’s a big fat pig and there is nothing more delightful and satisfying that watching her pack it away like a professional.

Fat Bastardo said...

Fat girls can really chow down.


Fat Bastardo said...

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