Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Fat Girl Forum

Most fat girls are not very happy and why should they be? They have nagging health problems like yeast infections, friction thigh syndrome, under tit rashes, boils, hormonal syndrome and hate skinny girl syndrome.

There is an exception to every rule and Happy Fat Girl Forum seems to be that exception. Unlike the crazy fat girl sites Happy Fat Girl is not a bunch of man hating whiners and malcontents. The site has many positive articles that provide good information.

Happy Fat Girl is not against wieght loss diets. Perhaps they also know that most females should not be fat. These fat girls may be of the size that they are still porkable by fat guys. The are probably not like your average NAAFA beast.

My guess is that these girls still maintain a large percentage of their womanliness

UPDATE: Happy Fat Girl Forum has been gone for some time. Apparently there are so many angry bitchy fat girls that they can't stand seeing anyone who is happy and not a member of their pathetic pity party.

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Anonymous said...

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Facts are facts.