Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rachael Ray Fat Again

Fat girl Rachel Ray in the throes of an explosive foodgasm!

Many people were disappointed when mature MILF Paula Deen the butter Queen lost massive amounts of weight and they were further shocked and dismayed to find out that her family lost in excess of 200 pounds. There have been a lot of weight loss sellouts lately but thankfully Rachel Ray is reaching blimp like proportions. Her ham arms are becoming impressive and she is developing throat blubber. The question is, now that she is fatter than Paula Deen will she ever reach the massive size of the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten? She's seems to be on the fat fastrack to do just that!

Rachael Ray has never been what you would call skinny but her voluptuous figure and that very sexy junk in the trunk made her a fat boy's heartthrob. Now, Rachel Ray is just another boring and mouthy fat girl. The fat admirers and the angry jealous fat girls in the fat acceptance movement are probably thrilled that Rachel Ray has joined the ranks of the rotund but us fat boys are extremely disappointed. What is hotter than a normal sized woman who can cook the greatest TV watching finger food in the world? The only thing hotter than that is the sun. Now Rachael is waddling around the kitchen and eating like a pig.

Fat boys are cheering for Rachel to get back to her fighting weight. We know that the fatter you get the more of our food you will eat. Fat boys and fat girls are in a battle for your soul Ms. Ray. The fat girls want you to join their ranks and we fat boys who love you the most want you to get back to when you were sexy.

If we want to watch a sloppy fat girl cook we can watch that snobby high brow Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten cook her crap that no self-respecting fat man would eat. Now all we have to watch as we are fulfilling our lust for food pornography is Paula Deen but even with that she's making healthy dishes. Luckily we fatties have Epic Meal Time and hopefully they will add skinny girl to cook the food and then eat the food.

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UPDATE: Rachel Ray's husband is a sex freak and serial cheater. Fat wives can drive husbands into the arms of other women. Exclusive! Rachel Ray's Hubby's Cheating Ways!


Anonymous said...

I use to love Rachel and her shows. But what the fuck happened? Rachel is one fat bastard, she looks like a plastic surgeon mistake gone wrong dwarf fat ass. I'm soooo freaked out looking at her I can't stand it.OMG

Fat Bastardo said...

I hear ya.

Paula Deen is skinner than Rachel now. I used to really have the hots for Rachael Ray.

Anonymous said...

She is getting fatter everyday, and that awful wig on her head, and that voice is killing me. Her husband is out cheating with the swingers and she ain't getting anyway. She should have cut her losses and dumped him. Poor Rachel - it's too late now.

Fat Bastardo said...

When I look at her now I lose my appetite. This is something that rarely happens.

Fat Bastardo said...

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Anonymous said...

OINK! Holy shit Fat Bastard I nearly pissed my pants laughing. You are a fucking genius.

Anonymous said...

Her clothing doesn't do her justice either. She wears clothes that make her look even fatter and more disgusting. Ewwwwwwww. Becoming obese.

Fat Bastardo said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Rachel still makes my sausage sing.