Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tommy Sotomayor Makes Sense: Fat Women vs Fat Men

Tommy Sotomayor proves that fat women should not be fat. Tommy is particularly tough on fat Black women but he also proves that fat men are cool with being lard asses and that fat women are a pain in the ass about being fatings. Tommy pulls no punches in the above video. If any of you fat bitches want the truth STFU and listen to Tommy. After that, either accept your blubber, yeast infections, diabetes, COPD, joint problems, heart problems, sleep apnea ect ect ect or go on a fucking diet.

Tommy Sotomayor is one Nigga who tells it like it is. Tommy makes the point that we fat assed guys know that we are fat asses and that we don't give a fuck and we don't bitch about it. That being said, I would ask all the angry man hating, skinny girl hating fat girls to STFU and subscribe to Tommy's You Tube Channel. Tommy Sotomayor, being a proud man of color, does not mince words nor does he sugar coat anything he says because if he did you'd probably eat that too.

We at NAAFA would like to thank Tommy for defending Tyrese from a flabblanche of attacks from the cyber hordes of fat angry man hating ho's at Fat & Sassy.

We would also like to remind Tommy that the grass is always greener and to warn all the brothas that porking fat White girls/sows has just as many pit falls as porking fat Black girls/sows. This problem with hyper fattitude is not unique among fat Black women. White women are just as bad but tend to take a more passive/agressive attitude and tact. Sure fat women like Monique, Oprah and Star Jones are class A cunts but so are Rosie O'Donnell, Linda Trip, Tonya Harding and the heads of NAAFA. People like fat guys from John Belushi to Ruben Studdard but who likes Rosie O'Donnell and Star Jones? This is not unique to race. It boils down to one thing. Women regardless of their *race should not be fat!

 * We at Bigger Fatter Politics and NAAFA prescribe to the idea that there is one race and that is the human race. While Tommy may be correct about fat Black women being worse than fat White women, fat White women IMO are every bit as beastial and fat Black women. I have never seen Black women sprouting pig bristles on their chins like you see on so many fat White women so I don't think that high levels of testosterone and sluttish behaviors are unique among fat dark chocolate mama's. Big Bertha the fat White trash trailer tramp land whale is every bit as mannish, jealous, nasty, aggressive, trifling, and smelly as Shalunga the fat gehtto monkey ho.

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