Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fat Girls Are Stinky But Why?

It's no secret other than a dirty little secret. Fat girls stink. Fat girl odor puts a worse hurt on the nose than a typical fat man's musk.

To find out why our crack investigative reporter Jenna Talia interviewed some professional muff divers and other crotch experts.

FACT: Chubby women's vaginas smell much more rancid than a thin vag. 

It's true. I ate out this fat bitch once and damn it was awful. I'm officially turned off by fat women and never want to touch them again. 
ectomorph bulking  said... fatty rolls prevent air flow, = stale dank and rancid poont. Same with bitches that dont have that gap between their legs right under their vag, those who have it dont stink. 

theCT I've read plenty of times that smell is due to diet. Makes perfect sense. 
NO_Rainchecks I can vouch for this unfortunately
This is what can happen when you eat a diseased clam

  In Other News: 

A fat girl asks, "Do you think fat girls smell like cheese and sweat?"

I am trying online dating and a guy on there said all fat chicks smell like cheese and sweat. I am fat and I don't lie, none of this curvy bs, i ain't J.lo! He said everyone knows fat people have fat smell and tha fat guys smell like hot dogs, beef, pork and sweat. Why do people tink this? I am fat, bbut I shower and smell nice. Do people think some fat chicks smell like this?

A vagincologist responds:

All the fat girls I know smell bad one way or another; one of them smells like old cigarettes and garbage thats been rotting in the sun, another one smells like horse poop, the next one smells like dead fish, but you can only smell it to its full extent when she sits down real fast, so it leads me to asume that maybe her menses make her smell this way. The last one smells of yeast
and another one I know smells of sewerage.

These smells arent constant but you can get whiffs of them every now and then and it's not pleasant!


Why do fat girls smell like fish?

I went to happy hour with co-workers and had to sit next to this fat girl. The smell of fish was overwhlming and I about puked. I know it was her. Why do fat girls smell like this> Ugh.

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

It's not only that they don't clean down there. When you are over weight the extra weight builds up and causes 'rolls' (sorry I know that's rude but I couldn't find another way to say it). The skin that is in the creases is basically smothered and stays hot so it sweats. A skinny girl may only need 1 bath a day whereas an over weight person may need 2 or three because of the extra sweating they do in between there 'rolls'.

Why do fat girls always smell? 

Is it old rotting food caught in their rolls?


Because they're fat and nasty and fuck anyone that says hello just hoping someone will actually love them.

It is because they are too fat to properly wipe the butt after taking a dump. So they wipe from back to front and things get messy and stinky. 

Cause their hygiene sucks and there more concerned with sitting around all day heating up there ass.

Flies don't lie!


How come a fat woman's crotch smells like a cross between a wet dog and a week old tuna sandwich? 

It is because of sweat no matter how many baths they take it is always hot there it gets stinky.

There is not enough room for their pussy to breath, so it stays moist, which allows bacteria to grow.

I know there are some exceptions but in general this is true. Stop rooting around in those fat pussies and the smell won't bother you anymore.

I'm not sure about being able to convince yourself that fat pussy is going smell like roses. There is going to be one sweaty box, and like Proud FA said, lots of rolls and no air for the yeast to breed. Damn  that's gross....

Besides, fat people generally smell bad anyway because they have poor diets. Those who eat clean are healthier, those who dont and eat crap food to excess just smell generally.




Anonymous said...

Once I was with a girl so fat that when I got down to business there was this homeless dude sleeping down there. He said he was sorry and lost his way and was glad I woke him up. I carried on courageously.

Fat Bastardo said...

No muff to tough?

Anonymous said...

I can completely vouch for this. I unfortunately was stupid and open about giving a fat chick a chance, idk why now. Cause when we got down to business, I swear there was an animal that crawled up there and died trying to escape. Just disgusting and horrible. Then when I told her I was done with her, she had the fuckin nerve to tell me I was out of her league. HA!! What a fuckin joke, right? I will NEVER EVER go near a fat bitch again! Nasty ass disgusting swine slits!!

Fat Bastardo said...

Fat girls are far more likely to have an STD and most of them have raging yeast infections.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Their vag is a breeding ground for bacteria! Cause of all the sweat that builds up from them just standing.

Fat Bastardo said...

Skinny chicks have thigh gaps and thigh gaps keep the vagina fresh smelling, yeast free and very edible. A fat girl's crotch can be a very nasty and foreboding place where even the most intrepid muff diver would fear to tread.

Aquarius Moon said...

Oh dear. The woman with those flies........ : /

Fat Bastardo said...

American women are revolting!

Anono said...

If a fat girl has showered and thoroughly washed and rinsed her naughty bits, then they usually smell fine.

Fat Bastardo said...

IF... That's the crux of the problem. The don't wash and often can't wash. They also have chronic yeast infections which rarely clear up.

jessicashae2005 said...

I'm sure all of you are prizes. Thin people can stink too.

Anonymous said...

Every vagina whether it's a thin or fat, hairy or shaved has smegma build-up in-between her inner-labia and under the clitoral hood. It looks and smells like smegma from an un-cut dick. If you dont believe me then after a ling day at work come home, get naked, use a mirror and explire your entire vag and see white stuff in the cracks then take your fingernail and scrape it off and smell it!

Also, urinating, sweating, farting and natural discharge makes for a vag skinny or fat Stink! But yes, fat chicks stink like cheese (from smegma build-up) and b.o. If it smells like rotting meat or dead fish it means she just finished her period and should have a sitz bath with vinegar and baking soda and go to bed with no panties to air it out.

I'm a smaller bbw with a nice smwlling vag ;)

Fat Bastardo said...

Fat girls are generally more slovenly than normal women but even if they did shower as often they will never get as clean and even if they could will all that blubber and fat rolls there are more nooks and crannies to hold more stink.

Because of their thunderous thighs, their crotches get no ventilation and that means STINK, STINK, and more STINK!

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to ya but guys have a distinct stink of their own. Under the balls smell and if their uncut then that nasty cheesy smell plus they usually smell like shit coz of their thick asshole hair.

Fat Bastardo said...

There is no denying fat guys have a certain musk but it is nowhere are bad as they stench generated by a fat girl. Fat girl stink is way worse.

Big red said...

It ain't like anybody is wanting to eat or fuck a 400 lb botch anyway Mabey a buffalo would. She smells like buffalo shit anyway.

Big red said...

It ain't like anybody is wanting to eat or fuck a 400 lb botch anyway Mabey a buffalo would. She smells like buffalo shit anyway.

Fat Bastardo said...

A fat admirer would eat and fuck a smelly porker.

Anonymous said...

I am an american woman, eat clean, and excercise. I am a size 1 in jeans... please tell me how I am disgusting because I am american?

Anonymous said...

I really do not have this problem. I have a very keen sense of hygeine, and carry wipes in my purse with me. Maybe you should try that? Ive never had that buildup of which you speak.

Anonymous said...

Most fat girls are lazy and stinky.

American women are the fattest and stinkiest women on earth.

Anonymous said...

I once picked up this fat girl at a bar, she was huge but very cute and I was extremely horny so we ended up in her van. Well we got right down to business and when she cracked open her jeans the stench was unbelievable and it stunk the whole van up! Well like I said I was extremely horny and I fucked her anyway! I'm not proud of myself and have never forgotten that combination of stinky cheese and rotting beef stench, it was just awful!! So if you never went hogging before you better be ready when that wave of stink hits you. That or wear a respirator! P.U!!!

Fat Bastardo said...

They even stink right through their clothes.

Any man who porks a fat girl deserves the purple heart!