Saturday, June 29, 2013

MeMe Roth Demolishes Two Angry and Jealous Fat Girls

The jealous angry fat girls hate the slender woman, that's a given and they especially hate MeMe Roth who presents them with undeniable facts about obesity. Fat girls are very much like Republicans in that they hate facts. But more than hating MeMe Roth, they hate themselves and it shows in their denial.

Obesity really does have the exact downside the that MeMe points out but obesity also has it's upside. It's upside is the complete indulgence of our unbridled food lust. Gormandizing gluttony is glorious. FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! FOOOOOOOOOD YUM!!!

Gluttony is a choice and so is responsible eating. Me Me has chosen to eat responsibly and the fat sows have chosen to eat with reckless abandon. IMO both are good choices but the fat sows fail to admit that they eat 6 times more than MeMe and love every second of it. Me Me Roth will probably outlive these to sows by 25 to 45 years respectively but it is not the quantity of life but rather the quality of life that matters. 40 or 50 years of total hedonistic self-indulgence beats 90 years of spartanism.  MeMe has chosen a spartan lifestyle and I Fat Bastard respect that choice even though it is not my choice. These sows that hate MeMe have chosen a gluttonous and slothful lifestyle and I, Fat Bastard, also respect that as well. What stick in my craw is the fact that these two sows are denying that there is a downside to obesity but what really chaps my hide even more than a yeast infection in my fat folds is their total denial of the fact that they and all other fatlings are hedonistic gluttons. Here is how they can shut MeMe down in three shakes of a lambs tail. They need to look at MeMe square in the eye and  say, "GLUTTONY IS GOOD!"

This brings me to a final point; FAT GIRLS CAN'T HANDLE THE FAT! If they want to talk they talk they need to waddle the walk. Unfortunately they are not waddling the walk. In other words, they are unfit to me fat. These fat girls are haters and their hatred for MeMe Roth and other slender women pales in comparison for the hatred they have for themselves.

Watch how the lovely MeMe Roth harpoons these two sows with truth and logic!

Big American Ass.