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Kate Harding and Shapely Prose RIP 2007 - 2010

KATE HARDING RIP 2007 - 2010
Ugly Queen Kate

Fat Acceptance's philosopher queen  Kate Harding is as abdicated her thrown. The queen is dead long live the KING!

Handsome King Fat Bastard!







Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shame On YOU Fatty! How Shaming Makes Fatlings Lose Weight


Several years ago, one of the best-loved theme parks in the world shut down a classic ride so it could make some adjustments: People had become so obese that the ride’s boats were scraping the bottom.

How would obese patrons feel if, in front of hundreds, they were required to stand in a different queue—one simply marked “Obese Riders Here”? And instead of meeting just a height requirement, theme park guests were also forced to meet a “width” criteria.

Or when boarding an airplane, fat people would be called separately so they could sit in extra-wide seats, for which they pay double?

And what if stadiums had a section of reinforced double-wide seats where obese folks were required to sit?

Unfortunately, our country doesn’t go for such options, which is truly a shame.
And that’s precisely the problem. There is no shame.

In genuflecting to political correctness, America shuns shame.
It has become a nation so afraid to offend that it turns a blind to its biggest problems, such as obesity. And that problem is burgeoning. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and a staggering percentage of our children—our future—are growing up (and out) with little regard for how this epidemic will impact them. In this regard, some medical experts have predicted that our children may be the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. For many, they are the product of their environment, where parents (many obese themselves) and society as a whole have sent the message that being fat is no “big” deal. The stigma once rightly associated with obesity is disappearing as quickly as fat is accumulating.

So how do we get to the bottom of this problem? For starters, shame. Because no matter what else is attempted, if shame is not the cornerstone of the solution, the situation will never improve.
Two fantastic and courageous examples of how shame is being effectively utilized are occurring in Georgia and Minnesota. In Atlanta, an extensive advertising campaign “Stop Sugarcoating It,” sponsored by Children’s Healthcare, targets childhood obesity. Taglines under obese children include “Warning … It’s hard to be a little girl if you’re not”; “Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid”; and “Big Bones Didn’t Make Me This Way … Big Meals Did.” There was also a YouTube ad with a sad girl saying, “I don’t like going to school, because all the other kids pick on me. It hurts my feelings.”

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota has launched a similar campaign, targeting overweight parents whose behavior is often mimicked by their children. One ad shows two chubby boys arguing about whose dad can eat more—a discussion overheard by a father as he approaches their table with a heaping tray of fast food. Another shows an obese woman filling her shopping cart with junk food, only to notice that her obese daughter is doing the exact same thing with a smaller cart.

Both campaigns use shame correctly. Without being mean-spirited or over the top, they prod people to acknowledge, and change, their unhealthy behavior. Not surprisingly, though, both have something else in common: They’ve received significant criticism from the waistline-challenged community. Their biggest beef? It’s not education, but shaming, which, of course is “bullying.”
They simply don’t get it.

Shaming isn’t the total panacea, but it must be an integral part of the solution. There’s no better example of how shame can change perceptions than smoking, which was once considered cool but is now viewed with utter disdain. Sure, cigarettes are expensive, but that’s not why smoking is down. It’s because society made a conscious effort to shame smokers. Try lighting up in a bar with co-workers, and you receive dagger-like stares. Do it outside, and people immediately move away, because smoking is regarded as disgusting, and therefore, the smoker must be, too.

Smoking kills, and we have no problem pointing out that as a deterrent. Yet so does obesity, and we still hesitate to mention it. Just as non-smokers are picking up the tab for the massive medical costs related to smoking, non-overweight people are subsidizing the obese since it is “discriminatory” to charge differently for health care (though a section of the Affordable Care Act would change that).

But shaming is now taboo, and no one is ever at fault or accountable for his actions. Consider:

• It used to be, when a student received a detention, they weren’t just shamed in front of their classmates. They knew they had to tell their parents, which would invariably trigger another punishment.

Contrast that to the reaction this week to a New Jersey principal’s letter to parents about pictures of their underage children on Facebook holding alcohol bottles.

Instead of thanking the principal for bringing that situation to their attention, a number of parents ripped him.

• Airlines have attempted to charge double for obese passengers whose girth extends beyond the armrests. While this is clearly commonsense, since not doing so penalizes paying passengers of normal weight, such policies are met with scorn and even lawsuits by those lobbying for obesity-without-consequence.

• And since it would be considered “discriminatory” to have an obese-only section in stadiums, seats are being made wider to accommodate overly plump posteriors. And when seats are wider, there are fewer of them. Who pays? You do. The same way that the non-obese eat the cost of new toilets that must be installed with ground supports, as the standard wall-mounted commodes can no longer bear the weight of America’s fat brigade.

We have coddled ourselves so much that we have shamed using shame. As a result, people have become clueless to their appearance. Sure, what’s under the skin matters, and no one should feel that obese people are bad, but what’s on the outside counts, too. Or at least it should. But go to any beach, and count how many linebacker-sized women are showcasing themselves in bikinis. Ditto for men whose guts reach the next block. Since they all have mirrors, one can only assume that shame is simply not a part of their lives.

Should we have scarlet letters for the obese? Of course not, since there is no problem identifying them. But we should employ shame to shed light on an issue that affects us all, in the same way that some judges order drunk drivers to place “Convicted DUI” bumper stickers on their cars.

And speaking of cars, how shameful is it that overweight people are not just guzzling food, but fuel? A recent report calculated that one billion gallons of gasoline are wasted every year (one percent of the nation’s total) just to haul Americans’ extra pounds. And given that the average American weighs 24 more pounds than in 1960, airlines are using roughly 175 million more gallons of jet fuel per year just to accommodate the overweight. That’s downright shameful.

And if not shame, then what? Do we tax fast food? Soda? Candy? Do we regulate portion size? No. Not only are such ideas preposterous and unenforceable, but they are tactics, not strategy. It’s time to tip the scales against obesity and solve the problem.

Otherwise, we will soon find out that the “elephant in the room” isn’t a pachyderm at all.

:pig:It’s an average American.



Let's be honest here. A lot of people simply can't handle the fat. Sure they love the gluttonous aspect of obesity but they are always bitching about being fat as they deny their gluttonous behavior. These people had either screw up their fattitude aand accept the negative side of gluttony and obesity or the need to end the gluttony thus ending the obesity.

Angry Jealous Fat Girls

Fat girls are constantly cryin, lyin and denyin. EAT like the pig that you are or get away from the table!

Let's talk the immutable laws of physics.

If you want to lose weight you need to move more and eat less. Anyone who would deny that reality is either stupid or a fucking liar and as we know, a lot of fat girls are stupid and they lie constantly.

Eating less: How to Do It!

Let's say that you are an impressive 400 pound glutton and you are too much of a wuss to deal with the sleep apnea, diabetes, joint problems, heart disease ect... You think you need to lose weight because you think those 20 or 30 extra years beat delicious food. I, Fat Bastard, won't judge you for wanting to live longer and have less health problems but I am sick of so many fatlings bitching about their health problems. STFU already! If you can't handle the fat them stop being fat.

A slothful 400 pound female glutton requires a whopping 5682 per day to simply maintain her  weight. Her basal metabolic rate is around 4000 calories per day. A male glutton would require 6314 per day to maintain 400 pounds and his basal metabolic rate is 4354 calories per day.

If these gluttons were to eat at their BMR that would lose 4 pounds per week and as their body weight decreases so does the metabolic rate. When they hit 300 pounds they need to drop their  calorie intake to 3000 per day. Then they will lose 3 pounds per week and at 250 pounds when they eat at their BMR they will lose 2.5 pounds per week.

Most fat people are STOOOOOPID!

People like Dr Bear, Belly Boy, Big Fat RRRRRRRRRRRRReverend Burn and Belly Boy are the exception because we are really fucking smart but the majority of fat people especially fat women are dumber thn a post.

Becuse fat people are stupid they buy into that low carb crap being too ignorant to know that FAT FATTENS BEST! Carbs and protein contain a paltry 4 calories per gram whereas fat (a gainer's friend) contains an impressive 9 calories per gram.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fat Girls Should Not Get Pregnant

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Weight Loss Sell Out!

Obese Man Gets Stuck in Turnstile, Gains Will to Lose 246 Pounds

At 5-foot-9 1/2, Thomas McIntyre weighed more than 434 pounds and his waist measured an impressive 74 inches. He was used to making jokes about his size.

McIntyre, a soccer fan, went to watch a game one day and he got stuck while trying to go through a turnstile into the stadium. Dozens of spectators looked on and laughed, and so did he, but he was worried do to societal pressure and his chicken shit fear of dying.

"I was the typical jolly, fat bloke, always making fun of myself before anyone else had the chance to do it," said McIntyre, of Larne, Northern Ireland. "Deep down though, I'd reached the point where like a wuss I thought about my mortality all the time and, the more I worried, the more I ate, to comfort myself, I suppose. It was a vicious glorious and gluttonous cycle."
Army Wife Surprises Husband With 96-Pound Weight Loss on His Return From Afghanistan

At the urging cruel badgering of a friend, McIntyre joined Slimming World, a U.K.-based weight-loss organization that now operates in the United States.

In February 2012, McIntyre began following the group's meal starvtion plan and started planning healthy shitty tasting, home-cooked meals while getting tips and recipes at group meetings. After the first week, he lost 10 ½ pounds and never looked back.
'Extreme Weight Loss': Teacher Meredith Prince Loses 159 Pounds
McIntyre lost a total of 246 pounds. Today, he weighs an anorexic 188 pounds and things couldn't be better for the 43-year-old, married fresh food manager NAZI at Dunnes Stores, a retail chain.

Before he joined Slimming World, McIntyre said he had no energy nervousness.

"My days off would consist of me just lying on the sofa," he said in a Slimming World press release. "Now, everything's easier and I'm so much happier. If we are lucky enough to have children, I'll be the active dad I always wanted to be, and that's really important to me."

McIntyre - who used to have four sausage rolls, a bag of chips, a chocolate bar and soda, all just for breakfast - now opts for leaner, low-fat, homemade foods in controlled portions. He snacks chokes on fresh fruit, yogurt and diet soda, runs three times a week and takes his dog on long walks.
6 Weight-Loss Myths Debunked
McIntyre, who after getting stuck in the turnstile was forced to use the disabled entrance every time he went back to the soccer stadium, now has no trouble at all. The disabled entrance is less crowded DUH!

"I can fit through the turnstiles when I go to … football now, so there's no embarrassment there," he said. "In fact, that's the only downside to my weight loss because I have to queue with everyone else."

McIntyre was named Slimming World Man SELLOUT of the Year 2013.
How to Spot and Skip EAT Hidden Restaurant Calories