Thursday, August 8, 2013


Let's be honest here. A lot of people simply can't handle the fat. Sure they love the gluttonous aspect of obesity but they are always bitching about being fat as they deny their gluttonous behavior. These people had either screw up their fattitude aand accept the negative side of gluttony and obesity or the need to end the gluttony thus ending the obesity.

Angry Jealous Fat Girls

Fat girls are constantly cryin, lyin and denyin. EAT like the pig that you are or get away from the table!

Let's talk the immutable laws of physics.

If you want to lose weight you need to move more and eat less. Anyone who would deny that reality is either stupid or a fucking liar and as we know, a lot of fat girls are stupid and they lie constantly.

Eating less: How to Do It!

Let's say that you are an impressive 400 pound glutton and you are too much of a wuss to deal with the sleep apnea, diabetes, joint problems, heart disease ect... You think you need to lose weight because you think those 20 or 30 extra years beat delicious food. I, Fat Bastard, won't judge you for wanting to live longer and have less health problems but I am sick of so many fatlings bitching about their health problems. STFU already! If you can't handle the fat them stop being fat.

A slothful 400 pound female glutton requires a whopping 5682 per day to simply maintain her  weight. Her basal metabolic rate is around 4000 calories per day. A male glutton would require 6314 per day to maintain 400 pounds and his basal metabolic rate is 4354 calories per day.

If these gluttons were to eat at their BMR that would lose 4 pounds per week and as their body weight decreases so does the metabolic rate. When they hit 300 pounds they need to drop their  calorie intake to 3000 per day. Then they will lose 3 pounds per week and at 250 pounds when they eat at their BMR they will lose 2.5 pounds per week.

Most fat people are STOOOOOPID!

People like Dr Bear, Belly Boy, Big Fat RRRRRRRRRRRRReverend Burn and Belly Boy are the exception because we are really fucking smart but the majority of fat people especially fat women are dumber thn a post.

Becuse fat people are stupid they buy into that low carb crap being too ignorant to know that FAT FATTENS BEST! Carbs and protein contain a paltry 4 calories per gram whereas fat (a gainer's friend) contains an impressive 9 calories per gram.

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