Monday, October 21, 2013

Fat Acceptance is Dead!

Trigger Warning: The following article is factual and politically incorrect:

Fat acceptance as we once knew it is dead and it smells that way too. It smells as putrid as a festering diabetic sore combined with the toxic yeast laden crotch of an angry man hating fat girl after the all you can eat buffet ran out of chocolate chip cookies and Boston cream pie. Any web viable web presence is all but gone.

Causes of death: Denial, Fat Feminism, Demonetization of Feederism, Run by Women

The angry man hating fat girls denied the glorious act of gluttony. They would constantly make absurd statements that defied the immutable laws of physics and reality i.e. "I only eat 900 calories a day, I weigh 380 pounds and I still gain weight so therefore it's genetic."  That is just total poppycock. I love the word poppycock....  poppycock poppycock poppycock! First off there is no fat gene because if there were 73% of the people on earth would have been fat or obese since the beginning of time but the obesity epidemic bloom is a very recent event in the history of mankind. In fact in the 1970 only 3% of Americans were clinically obese but today obesity in the US is over 35% Making the US the fattest country on earth second only to Mexico... USA USA USA USA

Fat Feminism has effectively excluded fat men from the fat acceptance movement. Think about it, women bitch all the time anyway, fat women bitch even more, feminists are always bitching and fat feminsts have made bitching a new art form. No self respecting man wants to hang around with a pod of angry and bitchy landwhales. Who wants that?

Most women are just fucked up anyway. Think about it, how many women do you know that aren't nuts? Women are vain and irrational creatures and for the fact that they have a cunt most would be completely undesirable and in the case of a fat bitchy hormonally challenged woman with chronic yeast infections no real man would want to be around her for even a second. Women simply are not equipped emotionally and intellectually to run any thing without the guidance of a man. There is a reason they put a rooster in the hen house.

When NAAFA and Dimensions Magazine were pretty much one and the same fat acceptance flourished but what the fat feminists invaded NAAFA and saw that feeders and fat admirers were enjoys themselves by porking fat girls at NAAFA conventions those killjoys decided that feederism and fat admiration had to go and along with that went fat acceptance pioneer and Godfather of Feederism Conrad Blickenstorfer. The truth is, the two driving forces of Fat Acceptance are gone and the movement came off the rails in the early 2000's. The movement splintered into groups of bloggers who did very little but fight amongst themselves. Even fat feminism's philosopher queen Kate Harding threw in the towel.

Gluttony is GOOD! Unfortunately the old fat girl dominated fat acceptance never accepted that fact. Their gluttony denying bad them look as silly and fringe as the flat earth society. The mainstream media would clown these fat women and fitness and wellness pundits like Me Me Roth, Michael Karolchyc and Jamie Oliver would slice up their arguments like a hot knife through butter while Dr Phil would let them run their ignorant mouths so that they would make fools of themselves on national television.

Manner of death: unintentional suicide.

If this movement ever want to rise from the ashes like a phoenix it must go back to it roots and hold to the basic tenets of it's true leader Conrad Blickenstorfer and Founder Bill Fabrey.

Here has what has become of the Fat Acceptance movement.

With 73% of the US population fat or obese one would think that the Fat Acceptance movement would have MILLIONS of well organized members but the truth is, the fatosphere is comprised of less than 10,000 rag tag members. The US population is over 313 MILLION!

Draw your own conclusions!

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Anonymous said...

You nailed it Fat Bastardo!

Fat Bastardo said...

Thanks! Those silly NAAFA cunts fucked it up.

Fat Bastardo said...

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Anonymous said...

You are a huge woman hating jerk. You are probably very inadequate as a man and have a need to take out your smallness as a human being out on women. Got news for you we dont need you or any man. All men are good for is procreation and yard work. Oh wait we don't you for that anymore either. you are nothing but a dick on a stick

Fat Bastardo said...

Spoken like a true loser estrogen fueled fat feminist pig with a raging yeast infection.

You jealous fat girls are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I love it Fat Bastardo. You pissed off a feminazi with swamp crotch.

Fat Bastardo said...

I love pissing those nasty cunts off!