Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fat Girls Are Disgusting Sluts

If you were to google the terms  BBW, Fat Porn, fat girls, fat women, BBW butts or SSBBW in an image search you will find so much fat porn that you will vomit but when you put in skinny terms you find very little porn and that sucks. Skinny chicks are hot and fat girls, especially for fat guys are a huge turn-off.

Sure there are skinny sluts but-but there are damn few compared to all the fat sluts. We, fat guys, want women with low standards and unfortunately for us, the most women with low standards are fat.

Need Reverse Thinspo? Look at these beasts!

Image result for Grotesque fat women

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Now that you are finished vomiting perhaps this will help....

Image result for sexy skinny girls

Image result for sexy skinny girls

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