Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Glutton by Fat Bastardo

Glutton: A poem to the glory of gluttony

Glutton by Fat Bastardo
G is for the giant portions I eat.
L is for the lust I have for food
U is for my uber underbelly

TT is for the teeth that help me chew
O is for my over eating nature
N is for the nastiness of me

Put it all together it spells GLUTTON.

Something that I really love to be.

I hope all my readers enjoyed this poem. I'm happy to report that my appetite is slowly returning and soon I will be back to gobbling my piggy proportions soon. This will be a wonderful journey in unbridled food lust or as the crazy cunts in the FA movement say HAES (Health At Every Size). Who's going to be the first reader to give me an OINK?!

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