Sunday, March 23, 2014

Skinny Girls Make Better Lovers

It's not rocket science it's engineering and mechanics. A lot of guys claim that fat girls give the best head because they are always hungry but any chick or queer can learn to give a good hummer. So I reject that notion. I have been blown by both skinny chicks and fat girls and I liked the skinny chicks better because I was more turned on by their looks.

Not even Evil Kenevil would try this with a fat girl! 
Let's talk mechanics.

Skinny chicks can do it in more positions. As fat guy I like cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Who wants some fat stinky behemoth riding them? Skinny girls can move better and have more endurance so they can ride harder and longer.

Let's talk doggie style.

Fat girls have huge dimpled butts that need to be moved out of the way. You have to lift and separate in order to just get in and that is assuming you are not grossed out my the view and the smell of her dingle berries and other fat girl funk.

If you are a fat man, unless you are hung like a horse you may not even be able to achieve penetration. Even it you achieve penetration most fat girls have bad knees and can't take a good doggie style pounding.

Is this bestiality or cruelty to an animal? 

Skinny girls can get into any and all sexual positions and they can be penetrated in any position even if you are a fat guy who's hung like a chipmunk. Skinny girls smell better and they look better.

Fat guys have a saying... The fatter the hide the better the ride!

An exhausted Fat Bastardo being ridden like Shamu 

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