Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The BBW Fat Food Fast Food Pyramid

A lot of feeders need help to get their feedee to the next level. One of the best tools for turning your waddling BBW into a powerchair riding SSBBW is the Fast Food Pyramid. BBWs eat a lot of fast food but your SSBBWs eat a whole hell of a lot more. Bring your feeder feedee relationship to the next level and follow the fat food fast food pyramid and remember, fat fattens best.

Turn this emaciated BBW feedee...

into THIS impressive eat beast!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

How Fat Feminism Ruined Fat Acceptance

In theory feminism is a good thing. Only an oaf would not want women to have equal rights. The Bill Fabrey model of size acceptance is also a good thing. The worst thing that combining feminism with with fat acceptance is is that in one fell swoop is eliminated fat men and thereby cutting the population of people served by fat acceptance literally in half! It gets worse. It splinters the feminist movement by excluding slender women. Slender women are more likely to be exploited by men whereas fat girls are largely ignored.

Good grief. It's sad to see how quickly Cupcake turns into Pound-Cake!

Here's the truth. Fat girls hate fat men and slender women. They hate fat men because fat men are too fat to pork fat girls and they hate slender women because most men prefer them. Feminists hate men. Mercifully God made lesbians so that feminists would not breed.

Once Hot!                     Now   NOT!

Fat acceptance as it exists now speaks for only a tint fraction of a percent of fat people... the crazy ones. Fat people and fat men especially tend to be mentally healthier than the general population. The fat feminists are nuts. Gluttony denial has done more to hurt the movement than anything and if feminists are good at one thing they are good at denial and facing reality. When NAAFA denounced feederism it was the death knell for fat acceptance. NAAFA's feminists saw feederism as the exploitation of women but more than that feederism is undeniable proof that eating a lot makes you fat. Fat acceptance became the idiotic quest for a world free of consequences. Those of us who embrace gluttony ie most Americans are well aware of the consequences of obesity but we take the good with the bad. Our mantra is gluttony is good but it comes with a caveat. Gluttony is not right for everyone and that everyone includes a lot of women. When met get fat they get jolly but when girls get fat they often become bitches; add a dose of man hating histrionic feminism and it's easy to see fat feminism lacks an ambassador, a leader, defined mission or a direction.

Here is the conclusion of the majority of fatlings and thinlings. Fat acceptance combined with fat feminism has become just women demanding that the world treats them as unaccountable children, because that's how they see hot women treated. Instead of actually pondering why people have disgusted looks around them, and taking an active role, they prefer demanding then crying, lying and denying until they get what they want. What they want is for everyone else to share their delusions.

While we're wantonly abandoning all conceivable standards, even imperative biological ones, we may as well start wearing greasy sweatpants, wife beaters and publicly farting to express our feminine side, and how, we, as men, are comfortable with our bodies and embrace a "realistic" standard of beauty for both genders. 

Oh, hold on a minute, it seems there is a contingent of males who have already started doing this-- the legion of bastard offspring of the single mommy sex hogs comprising the preponderance of the last two generations of women. What these young chaps lack in job prospects or decorum is more than made up for in douchebag poseury and overpowered car stereos. The Scumbag Steve meme is a meme precisely BECAUSE it is a meme in reality- an archetypical portrait of the future of manhood under the regime of gyno-fascism.

Carry on, fat girls, with your crusade to remold reality to your own liking, but try to remember, your bastard sons are watching you and will grow up to imitate the example you have set for them. And what a terrible thing for your bastard daughters who will come of age to find that there are no more delicious alphas left on the carousel, and they must choose from a selection of men who are spineless, neurotic gastropods, quite like themselves.

Prepare for full scale mental and social retardation on the form of an unstoppable epidemic, that will render the typical American citizen into a Quasimodoesque mongoloid with the deductive reasoning skills of a trapped fly.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Stupidity of HAES and Angry Fat Girls

HAES Stupidity: "Even if you’re fucking with your food to lose weight “for your health”, that’s still a diet. If you’re calling your attempt to lose weight a “lifestyle change” or “eating better and exercising”, it’s still a diet." "When you understand that dieting is self-imposed starvation..." That's right, if you want to eat veggies instead of cookies to ingest more vitamins, you're subjecting yourself to self imposed starvation. -.- What idiots. The reason we call the CUNTS is because they Can't Understand Normal Thought.

"So we eat less and exercise. But when we exercise, we’re told we’re grinding down our joints and are going to hurt ourselves. So we’re supposed to slowly walk and subsist on rice cakes and Diet Coke." More hilarious Angry FAT Girl 'Logic'

Lost the Fattitude and Lost The Weight

From Chuberella back to Slenderella

Beast morphed into a human

Beast morphed into a human

Beast morphed into a human

Pre-beast morphed into a human

Land whale morphed into a human

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Us Fatties Wipe Our Butts

Many of us don't wipe. We wait until the stink gets to bad and then we take a shower or use the local swimming pool. Taking a crap is an adventure for us fatties. Unleashing a big steaming dump is one of life's great pleasures for a fatty but like they saying goes, "No job is finished until the paper work is done."

To do the job right you need the right tool. The butt wand has been a lifesaver for fatlings. Reaching back there is impossible for most fatlings and going in from the front can also be impossible. Fat girls who go in from the front also give themselves raging yeast infections.

Fatties can never get their butts very clean but the bidet is the best ass cleaning device currently available. In Japan, the fat friendliest country in the world, toilets come with warm water bidets and a butt dryer. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Real Women Have Thigh Gaps

We all have heard angry jealous fat girls saying, "Real women have curves."  when confronted with the reality that they are fat or obese. Their maniacal hatred for skinny women and their delusional natures makes them inclined to say such stupid shit. The thigh gap is a sign of good reproductive health and good stewardship of their bodies.

Thunder thighs are never a good thing. 

1. They chafe.

2. They bleed

3. They trap moisture

4. They perpetuate yeast infections

5. They destroy slacks and pantyhose.

6. Burnt hair.

Thigh grease!

For decades firefighters have used door grease to extricate super morbidly obese fatlings from their homes and apartments. Clever fatties have applied the professional version of door grease to their thunder thighs. Today the same formula used in door grease is now available for inner thigh use and pillow arms.

More real women! If you think she's better than you fat girl it's because she is!