Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Stupidity of HAES and Angry Fat Girls

HAES Stupidity: "Even if you’re fucking with your food to lose weight “for your health”, that’s still a diet. If you’re calling your attempt to lose weight a “lifestyle change” or “eating better and exercising”, it’s still a diet." "When you understand that dieting is self-imposed starvation..." That's right, if you want to eat veggies instead of cookies to ingest more vitamins, you're subjecting yourself to self imposed starvation. -.- What idiots. The reason we call the CUNTS is because they Can't Understand Normal Thought.

"So we eat less and exercise. But when we exercise, we’re told we’re grinding down our joints and are going to hurt ourselves. So we’re supposed to slowly walk and subsist on rice cakes and Diet Coke." More hilarious Angry FAT Girl 'Logic'

Lost the Fattitude and Lost The Weight

From Chuberella back to Slenderella

Beast morphed into a human

Beast morphed into a human

Beast morphed into a human

Pre-beast morphed into a human

Land whale morphed into a human

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Proud FA said...

HAES is a joke and a lie.