Monday, September 29, 2014

Anorexia Death Rate: The Truth About Anorexia

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There are according too the CDC 200,000 people with Anorexia Nervosa in the US and less than 150 deaths per year.  There are 400,000 annual deaths from obesity. Why is everyone focused on the death of 1 famous person in the entire world that happens about every 20 years like Karen Carpenter when we fatties are facing an epidemic? WAKE UP!


 2001 Feb;5(1):41-6.

Death from anorexia nervosa: age span and sex differences.


The purpose of this study was to assess characteristics of individuals who died from anorexia nervosa by assessing the frequency with which anorexia nervosa is listed as a causal factor related to the death of individuals in the USA. Data from over 10 million death records (all National Center for Health Statistic registered deaths in the USA for 1986-90) were examined for mention of anorexia nervosa as a primary or contributing cause of death. Only 724 were found, which equals an average of 145 annual deaths, and a rate of 6.73 per 100,000 deaths. The age and sex distribution suggests two fatal forms of anorexia nervosa, an early-onset form comprising 89% women and a later form comprising 24% men. The findings suggest that the mortality risk from current anorexia nervosa may be lower than formerly supposed and that it is not confined to young adults and adolescents.

FACT TIME: There are 145 deaths from anorexia per year in the US.

FACT TIME: There are nearly 400,000 deaths from obesity.

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