Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fat Guys in the Woods

Fat Guys In The Woods is quickly becoming my favorite relality show when I first saw the show I thought that it would be another fat exploitation show like the Biggest Loser but I was pleasantly surprised to see how great all the fat guys have done when put into survival mode.

Fat girls would swoon over Creek Stewart
The Weather Channel's Survival Expert, Creek Stewart, will train these fat guys in how to build shelter, start fire and hunt with nothing but their bare hands, and maybe a condom or a gum wrapper. Three men, one week and one objective: to learn the skills that make a man... a man. This show is not about making fun of fat guys. It's about giving regular Joes the chance to do something they've only seen done by Brad Pitt-types.

We all know that fat guys kick ass and the guests on Fat Guys In The Woods prove that episode after episode. This is not to say that skinny guys would not do as well, it speaks very well too men in general.

What about a show called Fat Girls In The Woods? That would go over like lead balloon. People would watch it for sure but it would never get on the air. The jealous angry man hating fat girls would have a conniption fit,

Imagine how jealous angry man hating fat girls would behave if they were forced to survive in the woods for a week with no Doritos. It would be a hilarious drama queen fest. I would watch it just for laughs. In the show Fat Guys In the Woods the fat guys get taken out of their natural habitat, the sofa and put in the woods as sort of a character builder and so far all have passed with flying colors and except for a couple of them crying like a couple of pussies they made me Fat Bastardo proud, Fat guys can adapt!

Fat Guys in the Woods can be seen on the Weather Channel, I for one would like to see Fat Girls is the Woods. I could use a good laugh. What the fat men learn is confidence and the need to make life style changes. What fat girls would learn is that can't survive without men.

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