Friday, December 11, 2015

Glutton Glutton Glutton Shame Shame Shame OINK OINK OINK

Gluttony is the American way and if you don't believe it just look at most Americans. OINK! Americans are for the most part gluttons and liars who shit all over the world as they cheer our war machine and carnage that is used to steal wealth and oil to run our fat cars and put money into the coffers of the one percent.

American obesity is a small part of our global gluttony and moral failings as a nation. American consumerism is a huge problem as George Carlin explains in the video.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NAAFA Announces No More Conventions/Conferences

NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) has been going down the tubes for over a decade and has recently announced that they can no longer afford to sponsor any more conventions. I must admit that it was with some glee and some sorrow that I took this news. The upside is that now, I Fat Bastardo am the sole leader of the Fat Acceptance movement. The down side is I Fat Bastardo am the sole leader of the Fat Acceptance movement. While it is great to be the king leadership comes with responsibility. I have been assembling a team of fat men and slender women and a few fat girls for redefining our mission statement and goals. I will be working with Rev Big Lard Ass and his associate Belly Boy. Jenna Talia and Slenderella are working on press releases and social media strategies. The Chef is working on recipes along with Coach Gaines. Our science adviser will be Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear. Proud FA and his wife Thinnette will be co COOs and Jenna will be acting CFO and PR director.

Before we go into full operation we are looking into ways or resurrecting and reforming the old man hating jealous angry fat girl NAAFA in hopes that we can salvage some value from this mostly defunct organization. When NAAFA issued the statement, I Fat Bastardo opened communication with the nearly defunct NAAFA and offered some commonsense suggestions in hope that the will rethink their failed policies.

NAAFA's statement below:

Future NAAFA Conferences
We have had a number of inquiries regarding future NAAFA conferences. Unfortunately, NAAFA will not be hosting a conference in the near future. The expenses associated with coordinating and guaranteeing a conference are more than the organization can afford at present.

We are looking at new ways to connect with our membership to offer training and networking opportunities. NAAFA representatives will be attending some of the social events around the country to see if we can partner with them in some way and attract new members that might not otherwise be aware of NAAFA and civil rights work.

If you have ideas or suggestions regarding how we can connect to NAAFA members outside of holding a conference, we would love to hear your thoughts! Please contact us at

To Whom It May Concern:

I watched with great interest, joy and sadness the demise of NAAFA. NAAFA really dropped the ball and I am not going to sugar coat this. 

The logical fallacies put forth by NAAFA made it too absurd for any logical person to take it seriously. 

Logical fallacy one. Gluttony is not the cause of obesity. This denial of the immutable law of physics is just too absurd for most people especially men to accept.  Fat people are gluttons and to deny that reality and not to embrace gluttony is an insult to the intelligence of most people.

Logical fallacy two Feederism is a bad thing. When NAAFA was in it's hay day feederism was a big part of the success. While I won't pork a fat girl there are plenty of guys who will. I only bone skinny chicks but there are guys who are not grossed out by fat women.

Logical fallacy three Obesity is a woman/s issue. When NAAFA started this fat feminism crap and the lesbians got involved that turned off a lot of people from the FA's to the fat girls that wanted to be porked by them. Feminists are like cilantro, they ruin everything.

If you want to find fat people go to where the food is plentiful and cheap. Serve it and they will come. Instead of calling it a NAAFA convention call it a NAAFA convention and food fest and serve lots of greasy comfort food. All you can eat! Food attracts fat people. Fat people live to eat.

Change your slogan to: Proud by nature FAT by choice. Stop sounding like victims of some mysterious genetic thing. Everybody knows that's bullshit. Stop the gluttony shaming.

Stop talking shit about skinny chicks. Fat guys dig skinny girls because they treat us best. Slender women are great.

Embrace gluttony by listing a menu of the most decadent food available. That will draw em in. Life is short EAT!! Stop the gluttony denial. 

NAAFA became an old girls club even though it was started by a man. Fat men are treated like a turd in a urinal by women especially fat women. If there is not an equal number of fat men in NAAFA then NAAFA is failing fat people. Attract more fat men. Hire some skinny low rent hookers for the next convention. Fat men have very low standards same as the fat admirers but fat men rarely get laid. Fat men often find it impossible to pork a fat girl. It's a matter of anatomy. 

I hope this helps.

Fat Bastardo

Friday, October 23, 2015

Angry Jealous Fat Moms Attack Mindi Jensen

 It's no secret that fat women stink both literally and figuratively. Mindy Jensen is a school teacher and an athlete. Her sports are fitness and body building and by all accounts she's a damn good athlete. What has gotten the fat stinky mothers of he middle school students is that she's very attractive and because she's attractive and not a fat disgusting beef bag like most American women. What do fat jealous bitches to best besides eat and smell bad? They give attractive non fat women shit and try to destroy them.

I Fat Bastard will be making some editorial comments on the following Yahoo News report.

“I know it’s overload of me in a bikini BUT I’m a 37 year old divorced, single mom of four and I’ve NEVER been anything but skinny and weak,” Mindi Jensen wrote on her Facebook page Oct. 11, showing off a video of her appearance in a fitness model show. 

(Photo: Instagram/Minscakes)
And the Price, Utah, mother — who began bodybuilding after a bout of depression and has been sharing photos of her transformation on social media — remained just as proud a week later when administrators at the middle school where she teaches told her that they’d received a complaint about the images she was sharing on social media under pseudonyms. “These kids found it, and the parents were appalled by the pictures — they called it immodest,” Jenen explained to ABC 4. “They called it pornographic. They called the pictures inappropriate, and these are my fitness and show pictures in my sport, in my uniform in my bodybuilding sport.” 
Fat Bastardo Opines: OK you fat jealous yeast infested stinky slender shaming fat out of shape moms; better stop your kids from going to the beach or watching women's gymnastics.
The officials at North Sanpete Middle School in Moroni, Utah, then gave her the choice of making her posts private, taking them down, or being fired — yet she stood her ground. “I get comments and messages that it’s inspirational,” Jensen told Fox 13. (She didn’t respond to Yahoo Parenting’s request for comment.) “Women like my story and they’re following my story, and if I put it to private, then it’s not going to reach these people that might need and understand me.” 
Fat Bastardo Opines: OK you fucking pedophile enabling magic underwear wearing Mormon Nazis If freedom-loving Americans can't freely mock a puritanical, follower of polygamist con man Joseph Smith Ponzi-scheming patrio-fascist like you, then the terrorists have already won. 

(Photo: ABC 4)
Jensen said as much to the school principal on Tuesday, she added, calling out the parents who lodged their complaint. “Why are my rights being taken away and not the child’s right?” she said. “It’s between the parent and the child. Put restrictions on your children. If you are not comfortable with seeing me in my fitness uniform on stage posing, then take that away from your kid.  Don’t take it away from me.” 
Fat Bastardo Opines: Well said Mindi, but you know what? It was not about their kids seeing you. If was about their husbands seeing you. You reminded those pigs of everything they can never be and they don't want their husbands to see that they are missing.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss: Not a Matter of Can't

Trigger Warning For Fat Girls: This post contains images of gorgeous slender Asian women.

Let's be honest; obesity and gluttony is not for everyone. Many people cannot handle the fat. There is no denying it, fat people are dropping like flies and many have lives so crippled by their obesity that even the greatest all you can eat buffet cannot make up for the negatives.

If you are a fatling who is sick and tired of being sick and tired due to all the extra blubber you are forced to carry you need to know that losing weight and maintaining a clinically healthy BMI is easier than than you have been led to believe. There is no reason for why you CAN'T make the changes required for increased mobility and increased longevity. As it stands now the reasons you are obese, immobile and unhappy is because you are not unable but rather unwilling to make the changes required to have a more satisfying life. If the pleasures of food and rewarding the belly god are not providing you the payoff you would like then it is time for a change -- a change that you CAN make.

Fat men are generally happy being greedy gluttons and they generally accept the good with the bad. It's almost always the fat girls whose issues with their own obesity and gluttony make them such a pain in the as they project their insecurities onto others and otherwise deny reality. For this reason and this reason only the vast majority of women should not be fat because they can't handle the fat.

Nope... YOU CAN''T HANDLE THE FAT fat girl!

Now for some slender gorgeous Asian women.

Face it fat girls, these slender women really a better than you. They are a lot better than you.

Back Boobs A Pictorial Essay

As Americans get fatter they seem to be developing extra body parts such as front asses, meat skirts aka panniculus and back boobs or back tits. BBW's and SSBBW's are proudly flaunting these no nipple fat bags.

Why are there no bras for these people?

Will these back boobs eventually sprout nipples?

Do these back titties contain milk?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Keira Knightley

Fat girls complain that Keira Knightley is skinny and even anorexic and in their warped minds they believe it. The real reason that they hate her is because she's smokin hot.

Keira is a normal weight. I guess because she has munchkin tits and not saggy baggy udders like so many fat girls they say she's anorexic. Jealous fat girls are pathetic and brutal.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fat Sluts vs Skinny Women

Boning Skinny Chicks vs Porking Fat Chicks

 I, Fat Bastard and my blog partner Proud FA have hotly debated what's better, porking a fat girl or boning a skinny chick. I promised our readers we would debate this topic.  Our moderator was our good friend Coach Gaines (CG) and we were fortunate enough to have the Chef there as an expert commentator. I have added some pictures of skinny girls and fat girls to help illustrate the points Proud FA, the Chef and I made.

Coach Gaines: Gentlemen we will be debating the virtues of porking  vs  boning. Let's start with you Proud FA. You have porked hundreds of fat girls so tell us why you think porking is better than boning.

Proud FA: Coach, all guys want to get laid and we don't want to have to jump through hoops to make it happen. Because fat girls are often sluts and there are so many of them these days a guy can score like their was two guys in the penalty box an empty net. Plus fat girls are more likely to be uninhibited. They are when it comes to food so it would follow that it would be the same with food.

FB: For guys like Proud FA that may be true but - - and it a big BUTT - - when you are a big fat ass like me it is not always possible to pork a fat girl and you certainly don't want one on top. That could be dangerous!!

Coach Gaines: Fat Bastard makes a good point fat boys have a very difficult time getting their dick in a fat girl unless they are hung like our good buddy the Chef. How do you respond to that.

Proud FA: Coach, when skinny guys like us party we party hard, when we feed we feed hard and when we fuck we fuck hard. I'd get all bruised if I boned a skinny chick they way I used to fuck fat girls. Like they say, the bigger the cushion the better the pushin.

FB: Who wants to do all that work? Who wants to take the risk of some fat girl doing the reverse cow girl on you and breaking your legs. Even skinny guys unless they are hung like the Chef can only pork fat girls in the missionary position.

Coach Gaines: Let's ask the Chef what he thinks about that and whether he can verify that. Chef how hard is it to go doggie style on a fat girl?

 Image result for BBW booty

The Chef: As you know the Chef is a big man with a big appetite. The Chef loves the ladies and the ladies love the Chef be the Chef ain't got no wood for them SSBBW, God bless em so the Chef can only pontificate about porkin the BBWs with big butts. 

You take a pear shaped BBW with a 50+ inch Sir Mix a Lot ass and your small to averaged dicked fat White man would would have a hard time poppin that ghetto booty coochie doggie style. Also your BBW's like to lay on their backs while the Chef makes sweet love to them.

Image result for BBW booty

Even this here brotha would e havin a hard time popping that coochie. 

Coach Gaines: Thank you for clearing that up Chef. Proud FA what is the absolute best part about porking a fat girl.

Proud FA:  That's hard to say but if I were to pick one thing is would be their sluttiness. Fat girls will do anything to get the sausage. I have done things to fat girls that you wouldn't do to barnyard animals and they loved it.

Coach Gaines: Fat Bastard what is the one best thing about boning a skinny chick.

FB: As you know coach there is nothing a fat boy wants to do more than eat and thinling pussy is the caviar of cunt. It's always fresh and clean.  There is nothing like laying the tongue to a sweet fresh pro ana pussy and boy do they appreciate it. And you know what they say? The closer to the bone the sweeter the meat. Fat girl gash is always nasty and often yeasty. My worthy opponent  Proud FA will even admit to that.

Coach Gaines: Proud, Fat Bastard makes a point so would you agree about fat girls having rank muff?

Proud FA: A lot of them do but I think we should defer to the Chef as he does eat fat girl gash more than I do and to be fair I usually put them in a hot tub first during the feed to get them cleaned up down there but many fat admirers have a saying - - No Muff Too Tough!

Like a bloodhound, Proud FA sniffs BBW's giant snapper for possible yeast infection!

At the famous NAAFA pool parties you can bet that the wise feeder/FA checked for yeast. Another advantage of the pool and the hot tub is that it will knock down the yeast and flush a lot of it out. If there is enough chlorine in the pool it will help kill the yeast beast.

CG: Chef, what are your comments?

This can happen when you eat a fat girl's yeasty cunt!
The Chef: It depends on how fat they are. If they be just plump and thick they usually ain't all that nasty but when they become somewhere between a BBW and a SSBBW they do get more stinky. The Chef has also boned skinny ladies and they always smelled really good. They are gourmet.  BBW's and SSBBW's sweat and fart more, they can't reach back to wipe and they got the yeasty maw. It can be funkier down there than a Bootsy Collins bass line and cream cheesier than Philadelphia. They cover it up with perfume but as you know, the Chef has a degree in culinary nutrition from the prestegious Johnson and Wales cheffin school and the muff divers their have a sayin that goes like this: "If if smells like fish, it's a dish. If it smells like cologne leave it alone." The skinny brothas who can really throw the dick also have a sayin, "If your good with the pole you ain't gotta lick the hole." and it is no secret that Proud FA can really beat up SSBBW pussy. That would be why he don't do no fat pussy eatin unless he wants to.

Coach Gaines: This question is for Fat Bastard. What's the worst thing about boning a fat girl?

Fat Bastard: They just lay there and expect you to do all the work. I surf a lot of porn so I'm used to seeing really hot leanlings. It's tough enough getting it up for a fat girl let alone keeping it up and like the Chef said, you got the yeast. Fat guys and fat girls are not all that compatible.

Coach Gaines: Proud FA, what is the worst thing about boning a skinny chick?

Proud FA:  There really isn't anything wrong once you get to boning them, The problem is they have high standards. They can be real sluts in bed but getting them to bed is the problem.  Many of them want to be in a relationship first. That's how it was with my fiance Thinnette.

Coach Gaines: Tell us about Thinnette and how she stacks up against fat girls in the sack. Fat Bastard asked me to ask you that question.

Proud FA: Wow! that puts me in a tough position but in all honesty Thinnette wins. Fat Bastard is sneaky by slipping in that question but I must say sex with Thinnette is mind blowing.  

She's very considerate and other than giving head she's the best I have had and I have porked many many many fat girls. She's clean smelling and I really like going down on her. It took a while getting used to having her ride me as I was never into squashing but now I love it!   She also has endurance.  Fat girls tend to get tuckered out. Being ridden by a skinny women is great. Having an SSBBW on top can be scary especially if she's drunk or high. They can do a lot of damage! 

CG: Chef, I'm gonna let you have the last word.  Chef what is your opinion seeing as how you have porked and boned a lot of different women of various sizes.

The Chef: The Chef has indeed made sweet love to many fine ladies of all sizes so the Chef has a certain level expertise when it comes to makin sweet love to fine thick ladies. However, like the Chef said, he ain't got no wood for them SSBBWs and that was primarily the ladies that Proud FA used to pork. The Chef likes his ladies like he likes his steak; tender,  juicy, pink in the middle and a bit on the thick side. The best sex the Chef ever had was with a fine lady of color who stood about 5'6" and weighed in at about 150 pounds with a big bootie. We both had a little of the sticky green (for medicinal purposes only as the Chef is a bit gouty in the leg) the Chef put on some Barry White, popped open a bottle of fine wine and we then made sweet love for many many hours.

Special commentary from the Chef:

As an expert in culinary nutrition and The Chef's vast experience makin sweet love to BBWs, the Chef would like to draw your attention to the darker skin between this lovely BBW's plump thighs. It ain't from makin sweet love with the Chef or other men of color. It's from chronic yeast infections that ooze out of her coochie. This BBW has had many irritatin yeast infections and this in because she be eatin too much refined sugar. Also, she probably ain't been havin good bowel movements because she ain't gettin no fiber and milk can be constipatin and then you got the butt wipin issues that also spread the sugar eatin yeast into her honey hole.

The Chef is in full agreement with Proud FA, the Dean of feederism when he says, Fat fattens best! This BBW should be eatin pork rinds, cracklins, olives, peanuts, (look how good peanuts work for elephants) and of course Chef salads.
Some fat girls come with yeast warnings for those of us who don't like tartar sauce on our red snapper.

Please leave a comment and tell us who you think won the debate. 

Your host,

Fat Bastard

PS:   There are some great European FA blogs and sites that understand the need to include feederism in the FA movement. Here is is a great portal to all things fat that has been kind enough to link to Bigger Fatter Blog British FA Portal and stay tuned to Bigger Fatter Blog for a wonderbar German fat fraulien portal to even more FA treats. Those Germans are great feeders as are the Brits. 

This is Fat Bastard and the Chef reminding you to  EAT!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Czar: - Demotivational Poster

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Is Obesity a Choice?

Most fatties lie or deny for fear that people will think that their bloated bodies are the result of a moral failing. Fatling worship the Belly God and the Belly God is an Ayn Rand type of god. Self indulgence and gluttony are moral according to Randian morality and that is good news for the 75% of Americans who are overweight or obese.

Is Obesity a Choice- (2)
Obesity in an of itself may not be a choice but the gluttony and sloth that leads to obesity is most certainly a choice.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fat Girls and Dating

 Fat Girls: Tipping the Dating Market Scale

i hate fat girls sexy

Being raised in The States and then spending years traveling the world, I have noticed a phenomenon. I have noticed that the attractive girls in the USA are especially stuck up, overconfident and entitled. You may think that this is just the culture, and it is, but only a part of it is the culture. I actually remember thinking to myself “What are hot girls so difficult?”
Up until recently, USA was the fattest country in the world. Growing up I remember countless instances of looking at a fat girl and thinking, wow she has a really cute face, if she were skinny she would have guys all over her. After traveling the world and seeing places with very few fat girls, I came to the realization that… I hate fat girls.

Why I hate fat girls?

While traveling in countries with low obesity rates I noticed that hot girls were much easier to obtain and were much less bitchy. They were actually… humble. It blew my mind. The main pattern I saw was very clear. In countries with more fat people, the hot girls were marginally more stuck up.

i hate fat girls comparison

Fat girls are tipping the scale

The reason for the sexy girls being so stuck up is simple. When a girl is fat, she is no longer attractive to 99.9% of men. This means that the only guys chasing after her are the mythical “chubby chasers” or lower value guys (that don’t really want them, but are out of options.)
This means that 99.9% of men are desiring a now dwindling percentage of skinny girls. Now from those skinny girls there is a percentage that aren’t hot. So 99.9% of guys are now desiring an even smaller percentage of women.
This means that those women  that are hot are going to be fawned over, put on pedestals, sucked up too and hit on ALL THE TIME by 99.9% of men. Now there are some guys that don’t have the courage, confidence or game to go for the hot girls, but even they will usually say something awkwardly obvious to girls like these.
The result?

Hot girls in fat countries are stuck up

Because of an unnatural amount of guys sucking up to them and fawning over them, these women start to believe they are gods gift to planet earth; they think that their dating market value is much higher than it really is.
Then there is the fact that there should be more hot girls walking around, but those hot girls have turned themselves into Jabba the Hut. Many of these fat girls would actually be stunners if they took care of their body. If they did that, the small amount of hot girls wouldn’t get so much attention from so many men and the world would be a better place.

i hate fat girls no comment

Fat people don’t think that obesity affects anybody but themselves

Most fat people really believe this. They think that they are not hurting anyone and that it is their body to do with as they please. But they do affect other people. They affect men and the dating market. Not only do they make it harder for men to score with the girls they are attracted to, they are forcing some men to choose something that is unattractive to them or be celibate.
As an American and with Obama Care starting up, obesity will be reaching into my wallet and taking money from me. Obesity causes countless medical problems and those are problems that the government is going to be paying for and since the people pay for the government… the people pay fat people to be fat.
On top of all that there is the fact that a large amount of fat people are on welfare or medicare. So, even more tax dollars are going to feed an unhealthy lifestyle that fucks up society.
Obesity literally affects other people because they have to look at it. Being fat is not natural. It happens because people eat more food than they need to. When you stare at excessive fat you are not seeing the natural form of a human being, you are seeing a sickness, a sickness that they can help, but don’t.
Furthermore, I hate fat girls because they don’t see how much it affects themselves. They are depressed because no guy they like actually likes them. They are depressed because they can’t go do the activities they want to or fit into a beautiful dress. They are sad because it is affecting their health.
If every one of these girls made it their number one priority to lose weight, not only would they be happier, but society would be happier.

Why obesity in men has a different effect

Like it or not, we as men have to face the facts… we are shallow, especially in comparison to women. Women care about looks, but they care about looks much less than men. To know exactly how important looks, personality and money are to women check out: Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes A Woman Want You.
Because women don’t care as much about looks, this means that a fat guy can get a hot girl. This means that the obesity epidemic doesn’t affect how women feel about men as much as it affects what men feel about women. Men are the ones getting screwed. All the fat guys can still chase after the hot girls and they do.
All this still leads to the fact that 99.9% desire a small percentage of women. That is a problem.

 Mexico Vs. Philippines

Mexico, starting about six months ago, took the fattest country in the world title away from the U.S. I have traveled through a lot of South America and I will tell you right now, the hotter girls in Mexico are the hardest to crack out of any place I have been south of the American border. Why? For the same reason as before, fat girls are becoming more common over there, so the girls that stay skinny are getting ALL the attention from all the different types of Mexican men.
I have also spent a lot of time in the Philippines, a country with a very low obesity rate. Good luck finding any truly stuck up girls in the Philippines, I spent over 3 months there dating A LOT of women and I can’t remember a single one. Why? Because beauty is only affected by their genetics, not by obesity. The dating market is equal over there (actually in favor of men thanks to the high percentage of gays and lady boys).

What you can do?

The world is pushing towards ignoring obesity, even to the point of calling it beautiful at times. You must call obesity what it is, a sickness.
If you are talking to a fat girl, don’t tell her how beautiful she looks, tell her how beautiful she would look if she were a healthy weight. If a fat girl is asking you if she thinks she should diet, tell her that she better if she wants to live a long life. If a fat girl complains that no guy likes her, don’t pussy foot around the subject, tell her why no guy likes her.
Every person can help make the world a better place, one fat girl at a time.

i hate fat girls not adriana lima

The Promised Land

Men in countries with high obesity rates are getting shafted. These men are faced with a dating market that is stacked against them (if they want a girl they are naturally attracted to.) This is unfair and it is a problem that our forefathers never had to deal with.
You will notice that game is more popular in fatter countries. Surprising? It shouldn’t be. These are the guys that won’t accept dating a girl they are not attracted to, they know that the dating market is stacked against them.
The only way out?
I hate fat girls because of how hard it makes getting laid, but you can escape fat girls. Open up a map and go to any place with low obesity rates. Watch how much different an attractive girl will react when you start hitting on her; it will blow your mind. Watch as a relationship with a beautiful woman will naturally happen, without the need of high level game and lots of experience with women.
These places are the promised lands; they are the places that we were promised as kids. They are the places that we imagined when we grew up, back when we thought women were supposed to be sexy, feminine, thin and sweet creatures. The promise land exists… in a land far away… a land with very few fat girls.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Boom Shakka Lakka Bacon Wrap

Boom shakka lakka my belly is achin

Bomm shakka lakka pass me the bacon

Boom shakka lakka I love Dennys

Cartman ate so much that he killed Kenny

Fat Bastardo calls Dennys and pre orders 2 pounds of 

bacon and hash browns covered and 

smothered, shouts "I love bacon bacon bacon" the 

crowd erupts, Fat Bastardo drops the 

mic and waddles off stage and moon Linda Bacon

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why Walmart Needs to Pay It's Employees More

It's because most Walmart employees are fat and food is expensive. The other alternative is to give them food in lieu of a paycheck.


As anyone who has ever been to Walmart knows, the vast majority of Walmartians are fatlings and that is why Walmart hires mostly fatlings. Walmart wants their employees to reflect their customer base. Fatlings love other fatlings.

When I originally thought about this article I was at Whole Foods and I noticed that there were no fatlings emplyees there and while that is fine with me I was about to unleash a flabbalanche or phony moral outrage over the fact that Whole Foods only hires thinlings but when I thought it through I realized that Walmart only hires fatlings. So I guess that not all employment discrimination is a bad thing.

Walmart's decline in sales is an example of bad management, Clearly Walmart needs bigger fatty scooters and wider aisles, As Americans get fatter they are eating more but there is a downside to this for Walmart and that is the aisle blocker. You know what I'm talking about.  Here are some of the many aisle blockers you find at Walmart.

Portly Poker Aisle Blocker In Prone Position

Aisle Blocking and Aisle Clearing SSBBW 

Aisle Blocker Using Using Hockey Goalie Moves

Bare bellied bulbous blocker of aisles