Friday, March 13, 2015

Whores and Sluts!

It's a given that fat girls are sluts but skinny chicks are whores. Watch the following videos and when you are done if you still think that you should respect women. THINK again! These social experiments PROVE that women fat or skinny are whores and sluts.

Fat girls are sluts because they want cock so that they can trap a man by getting knocked up but skinny bitches use their looks. Both are gold diggers. Fat girls use their uterus to mine the gold and skinny girls use their asses, and tits.

There are exceptions but these social experiments prove one thing, Most women are whores or sluts. Respect is earned and until a woman shows that she is worthy of respect... TREAT HER LIKE SHIT!

There are exceptions. My best friend Proud FA porked hundred of fat girls and did things to them that you wouldn't do to a barn yard animal but luck being a fickle thing Proud FA met Thinnette and Thinnette is no gold digger and Proud FA is just a regular working class guy.

I Fat Bastardo hire hookers when I want sex. I don't pay them for sex, I pay them to leave and when it comes down to brass tacks a hooker has a hell of a lot more integrity than most women.