Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fat People = Cool + Cutting Edge

Candy corn has always been a fatty favorite and this SSBBW is sitting /waddling tribute to the Halloween treat.

BBW pushing the fashion envelope

Portly and pear shaped topped of by a crescent moon 

Some moonings speak for themselves.
Kids love it when mom has a shelf butt!
Plump pretty proudly displaying her tramp stamp with 1/2 moon.

1/4 moon waxing or waning?

When a fatty can't present the traditional rear moon he can present the even more impressive front moon!


A much needed cleansing of the visual palette 

The American Hair Hatted Hooligan


Dana said...

the slim girl in the blue dress and the fat man in the suspenders would make a nice couple.

Fat Bastardo said...

Yep! Skinny girls look even better when they are with a fat man.

Dana said...

definitely, plus fat women usually get pretty irked seeing a skinny girl / fat man pairing, and that's always fun.

Fat Bastardo said...

They get all crazy same as Black girls get when they see a Black man with a White woman. Black girls talk shit about Black men the same as fat girls talk shit about fat men. They simply don't want to see us happy.

Dana said...

i think fat women lash out because they hate the fact that fat men are higher than them on the social / sexual totem pole.

Fat Bastardo said...

Dana, that may be true but I think it may be even simpler. Fat men are pleasant and fun while fat girls are a pain in the ass.

Aquarius Moon said...

Yuck. My eyes!!! Apart from the lady in the dress.

Fat Bastardo said...

I throw up created these articles but someone has to do it.