Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fat Hatred Continues: The Crusade Against Fat People Marches On

The Crusade against Fat People 
CLICK HERE to go to their loathsome website. Is another gluttony shaming website. Here is part of their mission statement:

We are sick and tired of idiots telling us that fatness doesn’t effect us and that we should tolerate it.  No, fuck that.  We shouldn’t have to tolerate it.  We’re here to make a stand against those people and their defense of the repulsive and reckless self-indulgence of fatness that presents a grave threat to our society.
The primary mission of this blog is twofold:
1) We aim to expose the scourge that fatness is and the disgusting / degrading nature of fat people.
2) We aim to organize this disgust and ridicule into a movement that would eliminate fat people from the face of this planet.
This blog’s secondary mission is to promote certain dietary, lifestyle, and other health tips to maintain a healthy and natural figure.
God willing, we will not stop until every last fat piece of human filth is eradicated.

Gluttony hatred is fat hatred and sloth hatred is fat hatred and pride hatred is fat hatred. We fatlings are a gluttonous and slothful bunch and our motto is Proud by Nature - Fat by Choice. Gluttony is an American value. After lunch let's go to their website and OINK at them!


Anonymous said...

Now who besides mouthy me would accept a chance to opine in response to such a childish invitation? Do you want discussion, really? I doubt it. I find your contentions to be evidence of your projecting the hate of something uncontrollable in your own nature onto fat folks. You are too obsessed with us. There must be a quality in yourself which brings you incredible pain. I pity you, my friend. You objectify us and you know nothing at all about how we try and try to lose weight. As gay people say, if being gay were a simple choice who wouldn't choose to be straight? Who would choose to be hated, reviled, and ridiculed? I say the same about my problem. If it were a simple matter of calories in, calories out, who would not be thin? If a doctor prescribed a medication that only worked 3 percent of the time do you think people would keep accepting it? 97 percent of dieters regain their lost weight. There is something more involved in weight loss that has not been hit upon. Go ahead and throw a load of dung my way: Weak-willed fatty, Lardo, pig, hippo. Why should it hurt me, my friend? I have called myself such things every day of my life. I hate myself! I have hacked away at this weight for years and I will never give up on doing so. What Naafa is trying to do is to help people like me cut the self hate. Hate toward us whether from you or ourselves is never an efficacious way of coping with any problem

Fat Bastardo said...

Clearly you lust for food outweighs your sense of personal and social responsibility. Of course those constructs are outdated is this Ayn Randian. Caring about how the consequences of your behavior impact upon other people is weakness. Compassion is weakness. Denying yourself your piggy pleasures is weakness.

Stop the self hate excuse. If you really hated yourself you would be like those pro ann girls who starve themselves. Face it fatty, you are a glutton along with 75% of Americans. Clearly you believe that gluttony is a bad thing and that is why you NAAFA fatties deny it.

Here is NAAFA's new motto: Prideful by nature. FAT by Choice.

Gluttony is good. Eat eat eat eat eat all the tasty unhealthy food you can find and smoke because that's fun too. OINK!

El Rondo said...

Well said fat bastard. Those fat and brutal NAAFA cunts in their lies and denial would make stellar Christians.

Kangaroo said...

"Fat people complaining that its not their fault they are fat and that fat people can also be healthy = first world problems"

"Yes tell yourselves that being fat is not your fault and is not always unhealthy, why don't you tell obese kids the same "logic" aswell? its not like it will cause more problems for that child" *sarcasm

This "fat acceptance" movement is doing more harm then good for the acceptance of fat people because it makes fat people look like a bunch of wingers who cant accept personal responsibly and deny proven science. This "movement" is now spreading to Australia and they are trying to promote a "health at every size" logic where they want to convince people that being fat does not mean that you are unhealthy, they want doctors to adopt this logic and stop telling overweight people that they should lose the weight.

Obesity related illness has taken over smoking as one of the biggest killers in Australia and there is an alarming rising rate in child hood obesity so this is a grave concern. "fat acceptance" conferences from organisations like NAAFA are doing more harm then good and are a danger for our children - we should be promoting health, not accepting an unhealthy lifestyle for what it is.

YOU may be asking, Kangaroo why do you care about this issue so much?

On a personal level I had a good mate who was overweight and I always tried to motivate him to come to the gym with me and I always promoted healthy eating but my friend spent his time on "fat acceptance" blog's and he believed that his fatness was genetic and not his fault - so he was never motivated to even bother trying.

I say I "had" a good mate because his obesity got the better of him and he passed away at the age of 19. I believe if it was not for his fat lazy parents who fed him all sorts of unhealthy foods and blogers telling him that he is "fine as he is","being fat is not always unhealthy" my friend may be still alive today.

I know that obesity issue's may not be politicly correct to talk about but just like my mate people are dying !! we cant ignore this issue anymore

So I have a few questions open up for public debate;

1. Do you think NAAFA ideals as good ideals to teach to our children?

2. Do you think these "fat acceptance" conferences are an embarrassment for first world country's when there are larger problems in other countrys where there is a lack of obese people or healthy weight people because there is a lack of food?

3. Do you think NAAFA promotes or dis-promotes personal responsibly?

4. Do you think NAAFA should change their moto to "Dont blame yourself, blame something else"

5. Do you think that these conferences what don't promote personal responsibly and try to promote the acceptance of a poor lifestyle choice are going to help the public's opinion of the obese or is it going to make it worse?

Read more:

Fat Bastardo said...

The old fat girl NAAFA was organized denial. Fat people are gluttons who have shorter lifespans. I am not saying gluttony is a bad thing. Gluttony is not for everyone.