Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back Boobs A Pictorial Essay

As Americans get fatter they seem to be developing extra body parts such as front asses, meat skirts aka panniculus and back boobs or back tits. BBW's and SSBBW's are proudly flaunting these no nipple fat bags.

Why are there no bras for these people?

Will these back boobs eventually sprout nipples?

Do these back titties contain milk?


Aquarius Moon said...

Goodness, do people like these really exist?! To flaunt their whatever-those-things-are is just gross!!!

Dana said...

i like backboobs on a man but the black gentleman standing near the wet floor sign is a bit much

Fat Bastardo said...

Extra body parts are becoming commonplace.

Fat Bastardo said...

Aquarius Moon, you see this stuff at Walmart every single day.