Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss: Not a Matter of Can't

Trigger Warning For Fat Girls: This post contains images of gorgeous slender Asian women.

Let's be honest; obesity and gluttony is not for everyone. Many people cannot handle the fat. There is no denying it, fat people are dropping like flies and many have lives so crippled by their obesity that even the greatest all you can eat buffet cannot make up for the negatives.

If you are a fatling who is sick and tired of being sick and tired due to all the extra blubber you are forced to carry you need to know that losing weight and maintaining a clinically healthy BMI is easier than than you have been led to believe. There is no reason for why you CAN'T make the changes required for increased mobility and increased longevity. As it stands now the reasons you are obese, immobile and unhappy is because you are not unable but rather unwilling to make the changes required to have a more satisfying life. If the pleasures of food and rewarding the belly god are not providing you the payoff you would like then it is time for a change -- a change that you CAN make.

Fat men are generally happy being greedy gluttons and they generally accept the good with the bad. It's almost always the fat girls whose issues with their own obesity and gluttony make them such a pain in the as they project their insecurities onto others and otherwise deny reality. For this reason and this reason only the vast majority of women should not be fat because they can't handle the fat.

Nope... YOU CAN''T HANDLE THE FAT fat girl!

Now for some slender gorgeous Asian women.

Face it fat girls, these slender women really a better than you. They are a lot better than you.


Aquarius Moon said...

The fat women are probably busy bitching away in their fatosphere :P

Dana said...

i have noticed that fat chicks are the quickest to decry "yellow fever" lol.

Fat Bastardo said...

Fat girls are pathetic.

Fat Bastardo said...

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