Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NAAFA Announces No More Conventions/Conferences

NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) has been going down the tubes for over a decade and has recently announced that they can no longer afford to sponsor any more conventions. I must admit that it was with some glee and some sorrow that I took this news. The upside is that now, I Fat Bastardo am the sole leader of the Fat Acceptance movement. The down side is I Fat Bastardo am the sole leader of the Fat Acceptance movement. While it is great to be the king leadership comes with responsibility. I have been assembling a team of fat men and slender women and a few fat girls for redefining our mission statement and goals. I will be working with Rev Big Lard Ass and his associate Belly Boy. Jenna Talia and Slenderella are working on press releases and social media strategies. The Chef is working on recipes along with Coach Gaines. Our science adviser will be Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear. Proud FA and his wife Thinnette will be co COOs and Jenna will be acting CFO and PR director.

Before we go into full operation we are looking into ways or resurrecting and reforming the old man hating jealous angry fat girl NAAFA in hopes that we can salvage some value from this mostly defunct organization. When NAAFA issued the statement, I Fat Bastardo opened communication with the nearly defunct NAAFA and offered some commonsense suggestions in hope that the will rethink their failed policies.

NAAFA's statement below:

Future NAAFA Conferences
We have had a number of inquiries regarding future NAAFA conferences. Unfortunately, NAAFA will not be hosting a conference in the near future. The expenses associated with coordinating and guaranteeing a conference are more than the organization can afford at present.

We are looking at new ways to connect with our membership to offer training and networking opportunities. NAAFA representatives will be attending some of the social events around the country to see if we can partner with them in some way and attract new members that might not otherwise be aware of NAAFA and civil rights work.

If you have ideas or suggestions regarding how we can connect to NAAFA members outside of holding a conference, we would love to hear your thoughts! Please contact us at

To Whom It May Concern:

I watched with great interest, joy and sadness the demise of NAAFA. NAAFA really dropped the ball and I am not going to sugar coat this. 

The logical fallacies put forth by NAAFA made it too absurd for any logical person to take it seriously. 

Logical fallacy one. Gluttony is not the cause of obesity. This denial of the immutable law of physics is just too absurd for most people especially men to accept.  Fat people are gluttons and to deny that reality and not to embrace gluttony is an insult to the intelligence of most people.

Logical fallacy two Feederism is a bad thing. When NAAFA was in it's hay day feederism was a big part of the success. While I won't pork a fat girl there are plenty of guys who will. I only bone skinny chicks but there are guys who are not grossed out by fat women.

Logical fallacy three Obesity is a woman/s issue. When NAAFA started this fat feminism crap and the lesbians got involved that turned off a lot of people from the FA's to the fat girls that wanted to be porked by them. Feminists are like cilantro, they ruin everything.

If you want to find fat people go to where the food is plentiful and cheap. Serve it and they will come. Instead of calling it a NAAFA convention call it a NAAFA convention and food fest and serve lots of greasy comfort food. All you can eat! Food attracts fat people. Fat people live to eat.

Change your slogan to: Proud by nature FAT by choice. Stop sounding like victims of some mysterious genetic thing. Everybody knows that's bullshit. Stop the gluttony shaming.

Stop talking shit about skinny chicks. Fat guys dig skinny girls because they treat us best. Slender women are great.

Embrace gluttony by listing a menu of the most decadent food available. That will draw em in. Life is short EAT!! Stop the gluttony denial. 

NAAFA became an old girls club even though it was started by a man. Fat men are treated like a turd in a urinal by women especially fat women. If there is not an equal number of fat men in NAAFA then NAAFA is failing fat people. Attract more fat men. Hire some skinny low rent hookers for the next convention. Fat men have very low standards same as the fat admirers but fat men rarely get laid. Fat men often find it impossible to pork a fat girl. It's a matter of anatomy. 

I hope this helps.

Fat Bastardo

Friday, October 23, 2015

Angry Jealous Fat Moms Attack Mindi Jensen

 It's no secret that fat women stink both literally and figuratively. Mindy Jensen is a school teacher and an athlete. Her sports are fitness and body building and by all accounts she's a damn good athlete. What has gotten the fat stinky mothers of he middle school students is that she's very attractive and because she's attractive and not a fat disgusting beef bag like most American women. What do fat jealous bitches to best besides eat and smell bad? They give attractive non fat women shit and try to destroy them.

I Fat Bastard will be making some editorial comments on the following Yahoo News report.

“I know it’s overload of me in a bikini BUT I’m a 37 year old divorced, single mom of four and I’ve NEVER been anything but skinny and weak,” Mindi Jensen wrote on her Facebook page Oct. 11, showing off a video of her appearance in a fitness model show. 

(Photo: Instagram/Minscakes)
And the Price, Utah, mother — who began bodybuilding after a bout of depression and has been sharing photos of her transformation on social media — remained just as proud a week later when administrators at the middle school where she teaches told her that they’d received a complaint about the images she was sharing on social media under pseudonyms. “These kids found it, and the parents were appalled by the pictures — they called it immodest,” Jenen explained to ABC 4. “They called it pornographic. They called the pictures inappropriate, and these are my fitness and show pictures in my sport, in my uniform in my bodybuilding sport.” 
Fat Bastardo Opines: OK you fat jealous yeast infested stinky slender shaming fat out of shape moms; better stop your kids from going to the beach or watching women's gymnastics.
The officials at North Sanpete Middle School in Moroni, Utah, then gave her the choice of making her posts private, taking them down, or being fired — yet she stood her ground. “I get comments and messages that it’s inspirational,” Jensen told Fox 13. (She didn’t respond to Yahoo Parenting’s request for comment.) “Women like my story and they’re following my story, and if I put it to private, then it’s not going to reach these people that might need and understand me.” 
Fat Bastardo Opines: OK you fucking pedophile enabling magic underwear wearing Mormon Nazis If freedom-loving Americans can't freely mock a puritanical, follower of polygamist con man Joseph Smith Ponzi-scheming patrio-fascist like you, then the terrorists have already won. 

(Photo: ABC 4)
Jensen said as much to the school principal on Tuesday, she added, calling out the parents who lodged their complaint. “Why are my rights being taken away and not the child’s right?” she said. “It’s between the parent and the child. Put restrictions on your children. If you are not comfortable with seeing me in my fitness uniform on stage posing, then take that away from your kid.  Don’t take it away from me.” 
Fat Bastardo Opines: Well said Mindi, but you know what? It was not about their kids seeing you. If was about their husbands seeing you. You reminded those pigs of everything they can never be and they don't want their husbands to see that they are missing.